MAFS Golden Couple Jose San Miguel and Rachel Gordillo Have Split After 8 Months

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Married at First Sight's Golden Couple Jose San Miguel and Rachel Gordillo File For DivorceAnd then there were none. Married at First Sight season 13’s last remaining couple, Jose San Miguel and Rachel Gordillo, has officially announced their split and filed for divorce.

In a statement released this week, that can be viewed here, the once season 13 golden couple revealed that after months of working to save their marriage, they had finally come to the decision to call it quits. They also added that their divorce had been filed.

The two said they felt the decision to “go their separate ways” would “best serve their future.”

The once couple explained that they were grateful for the Married at First Sight experience as it gave them a lot of insight into both themselves and what they want out of a partner, and they added that they were also grateful for the people who had supported them in their journey.

The statement went on to say that after months of back and forth of trying to make the marriage work, they had finally come to the decision to split up for good.

With their divorce announcement, the couple count for their season is now down to zero. Rachel and Jose were one of only two couples that decided to stay married on Decision Day, along with castmates Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero.

But by the reunion special, Rachel and Jose, along with their fellow castmates Myrla and Gil, admitted that they had split up. But while Gil and Myrla’s split was apparently permanent, Rachel and Jose said that they were still working on their marriage and were hopeful they would be able to repair things.

The “Where are They Now” special showed the two going on dates and working to rebuild their marriage and trust. By the end of the special, Rachel finally agreed to move back into Jose’s house, and the two seemed well on their way to reconciliation.

But it seems that, despite their best efforts, the two just couldn’t get past their differences to make things work.

While the pair started off as the season’s golden couple with their instant chemistry and initial lack of drama, that changed overnight (literally and figuratively) after an incident where Rachel accidentally called Jose by their costar Johnny’s name, and Jose did not take it well. The couple got into a very heated argument that escalated to the point that one of the show’s producers stepped in to try to mitigate things.

When Rachel went to walk the producer out, she returned to find herself locked out of the couple’s shared apartment by Jose. She knocked on their door and the door of all the other cast members, but she was unable to get any response due to the late hour. She ended up staying at her ex-boyfriend’s house for the night, a fact that she revealed towards the end of the season.

While Rachel did finally get an apology from Jose, who continued to claim the lockout was accidental, the pair’s relationship took some time to recover. Rachel had an ongoing concern that Jose’s lapse might be more of a character flaw as opposed to a one-time thing. And Jose feared the same of Rachel’s “ex-rated” sleepover as Rachel had admitted she had cheated with exes in previous relationships.

But when Decision Day rolled around, both she and Jose were able to put their worries aside, and both said they would like to stay married. But while the two did seem to genuinely care about each other, Jose’s temper and the two’s disagreements over finances and travel seemed to continue to plague their relationship.

Finally, it seems the two just could not overcome their differences, and while the news of the divorce is unfortunate, it is not entirely shocking to viewers.

With season 12 having one sole couple still together, and season 13’s couple count down to zero, fans are certainly hopeful season 14’s newlyweds will have a higher success rate than its predecessors. As are we!

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