RHOM Recap: Alexia Shares What Caused Rift Between Peter and Todd, Plus Nicole Throws Sushi and Sake Party for the Ladies

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RHOM Recap: Alexia Shares What Caused the Rift Between Peter and Todd, Plus Nicole Throws Sushi and Sake Party for the LadiesWe are back in steamy Miami and ready to find out more about Herman’s relationship. Alexia is struggling with her relationship with Peter. Will he come around and walk her down the aisle? Grab some Sake and let us indulge ourselves, shall we?

Herman’s lover has a huge penis, and he looks like a disco snack according to Marysol. He is willing to meet Alexia when he gets back in town. Marysol is not so sure if Alexia should open this can of worms and find out if anyone was getting their lollypop sucked. Me too– it might be better not knowing.

We then get a sweet clip of Lisa’s little ones. Nicole shows off her little guy feeding the fish pretzels. Side note: I love seeing the kids and the pets since they are honestly the most authentic on camera.

Larsa is filming her clips with her nips slipping out. She is making an argument that she is using it as a dating app. Larsa acts like she would consider dating a truck driver. She has some guys who want her feet pics, and she is potentially dating 2200 people. Larsa darling, we are not buying what you are selling!

Lisa and Lenny are having a night out for his birthday. She does not even know how old he is. Lisa and Lenny have been together for 14 years. Lenny does not think anyone else would put up with her and it is all downhill from now. Lisa will make it up to him by giving him a spanking and he seems game for this. Lisa thinks Lenny did not have anything more than an emotional affair since she has all his passwords. She must drag it out of him to acknowledge that they still have a spark. There are some troubled waters on Star Island for the Hochstein’s. Lenny might be looking to create another Fembot to replace Lisa.

Guerdy and her handsome hubby Russell have a relationship where they have opposing schedules. They have known each other since High School. Russell was extremely shy, and she called him out on it, and they have been together ever since. They have two handsome sons named Miles and Liam. Miles is shy just like his dad and I find that endearing. Guerdy is a great addition to this cast IMO.

Adriana and Julia meet up to go looking through her storage locker. She wants to hold an art show for Martina at her gallery. Wait what is up with Julia’s car paint? Martina is also an artist who likes to throw tennis balls at the canvass to create art. Now the car makes sense! Martina has been belting tennis balls covered in paint at Julia’s car for art purposes! Adriana has a deep connection with Julia, and it comes across as a bit of a flirtation. She has a platonic love for her. Hmm, are we going to have some nefarious affair between these two and break Martina’s heart? Please do not do it Julia, Adriana is not worth it!

Alexia and Todd are out on the town going to dinner at Yuca 105. This restaurant is a fusion of Cuban and Peruvian food which is a delicious combination. Todd is a commercial real estate broker, and he likes older women. Alexia is confident he is not doing double duty as a male escort. Todd is 6 years younger than her which is not a dramatic difference in age. He wants to have a courthouse wedding, but she wants a big wedding. This is her third wedding for goodness’s sake and during Covid. Alexia is glad she is marrying a gringo this time since the Cuban men are good lovers but not husbands. Side Note: I wonder if Todd has watched the Netflix documentary on her ex.

We then get a little morsel behind the animosity between Todd and the very spoiled Peter. Alexia explains that Peter went to work with Todd, and it did not work out. Is that code for he never showed up for work and expected a paycheck? Alexia is afraid her family is falling apart if they do not resolve this issue. She also hints at a “moment of hysteria” that she is not sharing at this point.

Nicole and Anthony are chatting about buying a 1921 Bugatti. She describes how she did not care for him when she met him in Las Vegas. Nicole thought he was the typical flashy lawyer. She is troubled that they are not married yet and is pretending to be ok with their relationship. Anthony would like to refer to her as his boo thing and is not there yet to put a ring on it.

Guerdy is checking out the Spanish monastery for a wedding venue. Marysol, in her ITM, is concerned about the locale since it is a hook-up spot in the forest area. She does not want them to do a black light on the bushes since it will light up big time. Guerdy and her husband were married there so she has no visions of gay men frolicking in the bushes from her big day.

Guerdy sent Alexia a questionnaire for her wedding. Alexia is not interested in filling out documents that a first-time bride would fill out. Doesn’t she want a full-blown wedding? Alexia, in her ITM, is sporting lips that look like they were inflated and waxed. She might want to go through the questionnaire since there must be a section of bridal makeup and looking the part of the bride.

Alexia would like Peter to walk her down the aisle, but she is unsure since he is upset with Todd and wants no part of it. Alexia does not want this venue since it gives her catholic school flash backs. That is wise since unless you want to allow your guests to have a viewing party at midnight which might be fun to watch!

Alexia is meeting up with her son Peter at the famous Versailles restaurant. It is awkward between them, and they are not able to enjoy their croquettes. What a waste of good Cuban food! Peter was married in Paris and is now back in the states getting a divorce.  Alexia wants her boys to walk her down the aisle. Peter would rather her uncle walk her down the aisle. Alexia said the dispute between Todd and Peter was the worst 5 minutes of her life. The wedding date is August 8th but Peter is saying he may be in Tokyo for his birthday. Peter is not feeling his mom’s relationship and starting a new family. Alexia desperately wants his approval and blessing but all he will give back is a very snarky parroted comment of “Do you have my blessing?”

Nicole and Anthony are having a sushi party at their home which will be all cast. The table setting is beautiful and has a geisha inserted in it is so bizarrely cool. Kiki who is Guerdy’s friend arrives, and she looks like she could be a supermodel. Larsa is not feeling the sushi table girl. She thinks she is going to slap her hands away when she grabs some food. We then hear Alexia yelling for help. Lol Alexia is stuck in the bathroom. Marysol must come and save her and throw her a lip preserver!

Larsa is concerned that Marysol’s snarky tongue may have upset Kiki. Marysol tells Kiki that she did not mean to offend her. Kiki apologizes to Marysol which I do not understand. All Kiki asked her if you drink the milk from the udders. Kiki just broke off her engagement and she is in a sad place. They agree to start fresh.

Nicole is enjoying Lisa and sees her as a nice person and a good mom. She thinks she has depth. Nicole does not think that she should be judged just by her social media. How else can you judge this group they live on social media?

Alexia asks Anthony when he and Nicole are getting married. He is dancing around that question so he can no longer say no one asks about their marital status. Alexia then finally shares what caused the moment of hysteria. She explains how Peter gave Frankie some weed, and Frankie passed out when he overindulged while Peter was on his phone. Frankie’s blood pressure dropped, and his head hit the table. Peter had to call EMS to revive him. Todd found out about it and had a confrontation with Peter. Well, that explains a lot about the discord between them. Marysol thinks that Alexia’s life is like a movie. Well, it has been but more of a documentary…

Next week, Adriana is having another flirtation with Julia. Alexia will be meeting Herman’s ex-lover. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!