Larsa Pippen Addresses Criticism From RHOM Costars, Calls Adriana de Moura a “Weasel,” and Opens Up about OnlyFans Account

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Larsa Pippen Addresses Criticism from RHOM Cast, Calls Adriana de Moura a “Weasel,” and Opens Up about OnlyFans Account

A decade has passed since Larsa Pippen left The Real Housewives of Miami. In a new reboot on Peacock, however, the star is officially back in the drama.

Much has changed since her appearance in season one. The mother-of-four is no longer married to NBA player Scottie Pippen, and she went through a publicized feud with the Kardashians. Certain cast members are critical of Larsa’s OnlyFans account (and her supposed plastic surgery).

In an interview with ET, she addressed Adriana de Moura’s comments regarding Larsa’s relationship with the Kardashians. “I kind of expected it,” said Larsa, and then stated, “Honestly, Kim and I are in a good place. I love them, I love her. I wish nothing but great things for them. I feel like they wish nothing but great things for me.”

In an RHOM trailer, Adriana shaded Larsa at a dinner party: “You left this group of women, come back with a butt as big as Kim Kardashian’s, trying to become the new Kim Kardashian, which you’re never gonna be!”

Larsa told ET, “I don’t know why Adriana would say that. She likes to fight. She’s one of those people that loves to be in a cat fight. She’s got her claws out, and I feel like that was just an easy dig at me . . . I’m not going to let someone else, who’s not in a great place, discredit all the work that I’ve been doing on myself.”

“I will say I’m kind of out of character,” said Larsa. “When someone attacks me, I don’t know how to act sometimes. I need to tone it down a tad bit. I’m just not used to being attacked.”

She also reacted to Adriana’s comments about Larsa’s possible plastic surgery: “I feel like everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. I feel like I’m not a judgmental type of person. I feel like I accept everyone for who they are. If you look better, I don’t care what you’re doing. As long as you feel good about yourself, I will praise you. Other women are not like that.”

Larsa believes, “Because they don’t feel good about the way they look, they want to sit there and criticize how someone else — who looks way better than you, by the way. I don’t know. I feel like that’s not really my personality. I’m more of a girls’ girl. I’ll never tell someone they don’t look good.”

She eventually took off the gloves, giving her true opinions of Adriana: “She’s like the weasel, like the little brother that just annoys you the entire time you’re at home . . . When you have nothing else going on, you’re going to sit there and you’re going to criticize the person that’s across from you that’s building an empire, that’s working on their family, and their friendship, and their growth. Other people are just bored and pointing fingers.”

She discussed the cast’s criticism of her OnlyFans account, saying, “I had no clue that it was going to be such a hot topic with the girls. I also feel like, basically, they live in a bubble in Miami. They don’t really know what’s going on with the rest of the world . . . Sometimes, when you judge things, it’s because you’re not as knowledgeable about it. That’s kind of what happened on the show.”

The star told castmates she makes $10,000 each day through the platform, charging fans for interactions like direct messages and exclusive videos. “You become friends with these people. I’m friends with the people, my friends on OnlyFans. I like them. I care about them. I check in on them. It’s really fun,” she explained. “I do like the one-on-one and the exclusive content, things that I wouldn’t post on Instagram . . . My kids take my photos most of the time.”

Before filming, she asked her children if she should rejoin the cast: “I had a conversation with my kids because I was like, now that they’re older, like, ‘Do you guys want to be on TV? Do you guys care if I do the show?’ They basically said, ‘You can do the show. We’ll film with you,’ and they were excited to do it.”

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