90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle Kicks Karine Out of House as Man Alleges She Was Unfaithful in Leaked Text, Plus Karine’s Rep Speaks Out

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Karine Martins Is “Well” after Husband Paul Staehle Kicks Her Out of House, as Mysterious Text Message Alleges Karine Was Unfaithful

Karine Martins was kicked out of the house after her husband Paul Staehle received a message from a mysterious number. The sender claimed to be a man who was having an affair with Karine.

Soon after, Karine revealed the number publicly, and she told her 90 Day Fiancé fans that she had no place to stay.

According to a recent Instagram post written by Adiel Castelo (Karine’s representative), the mother of two is now better. “We communicate that Karine is already well and has already got in touch with her family in Brazil,” he said. “Tomorrow she will go back to attending classes at her college normally.”

In another post, Adiel addressed the video of Karine’s alleged abuse against Paul: “We know that the situation is complicated and we vehemently repudiate any type of violence whether physical or psychological…we at Karine’s press office cheer and ask for everyone’s prayers and cheering so that things can go right in the best possible way.”

The rep gave thanks to Karine’s supporters in a separate message, saying, “We came through this one to thank everyone in the United States who proposed to help us, you are our eyes and ears there, thank you for your help, strength, and attention.”

On Instagram, Paul posted a screenshot of the text he received from the mysterious number. It read, “Yo Paul, I’m just letting you know man that your wife Karine is messing around with me on the side. She don’t just go to school man.”

The sender then claimed, “She messaged me right now that she wants to leave you and if I can come get her right now cause you two been going at it. I got your number from her phone, [I’ve] been wanting to tell you.”