Lala Kent Talks Vanderpump Rules Future After Hinting at Quitting, Teases New Podcast Tour Without Randall Emmett: “I’ve Cut The Fat”

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Lala Kent Hints at Possible Return to Vanderpump Rules, Teases New Podcast Tour Without Randall Emmett: “I've Cut The Fat”

Earlier this month, Lala Kent shared her desire to quit Vanderpump Rules, after feeling alone during the season 9 reunion.

The last few months have been hard on Lala, who broke up with her fiancé Randall Emmett (the father of her 9-month-old daughter), after he allegedly cheated on her. Before the split, Lala and Randall had a podcast called “Give Them Lala…with Randall.”

In an interview with Page Six, Lala revealed that she may return to the show. She explained, “There are moments where I think I may have outgrown the space. But … I kind of am rolling with the punches. If they called me tomorrow, I would have to see how I felt. I don’t know what my future holds.”

“I am looking for a very positive space in life right now,” she said. “So thank goodness the show isn’t filming right now. Or maybe I wish it were, I don’t know!”

The 31-year-old expressed that “nothing is off the table.” She doesn’t “say no to very much.”

Lala also walked back on statements she made about the cast (suggesting they didn’t give her support). “I wish I wouldn’t have said that on the podcast,” she said. “Because even though no one reached out to me after the reunion, I feel like I discredited Katie [Maloney] and I discredited Scheana [Shay]. They have been such a support system for me since this happened.”

She explained, “So for me to put that on the podcast and fixate on that one moment, I’m not proud of that at all — because they really have been incredible friends to me. And the cast has been a great support.”

The Bravo star acknowledged her mother’s help in this trying time: “My mom is absolutely incredible. She’s my backbone. She helps with [my daughter]. She’s my support in all areas. My family, I don’t even know how I got lucky enough to be able to call them my blood. I have the best support system that you could possibly ask for.”

Lala also revealed on Instagram that she’s moving forward with a podcast tour, without Randall (though they originally planned it together). She said, “I am so hyped to tell you guys that we are officially going on tour. That is right. We have relaunched Give Them Lala Live: The Brand New Tour is on and popping.”

“Tickets will be on sale tomorrow,” explained Lala. “If you already bought tickets to the previous tour, don’t trip. They are still valid. This is going to be a completely different format. Don’t worry though. Even though I don’t drink, I’m still going to make sure you guys catch an epic buzz.”

She shared: “I want to bring people onstage that are inspiring. I want to make sure we’re bonded. I want to make sure we interact. Ask me all the questions in the world. Anything and everything. Mention it all! Make sure you click the link in my bio to purchase tickets or… or just go to”

Lala expressed in the caption, “Its everything I’ve ever dreamed of,” and then threw shade at her ex: “I’ve cut the fat. It’s bigger. It’s better. The bRand new tour is happening.”

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