RHOBH Fans Slam Erika Jayne for Selling $710 Hair Extensions Amid Legal Drama, Call It “Ridiculous”

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RHOBH’s Erika Jayne’s New Hair Extension Line Slammed for Outrageous Pricing

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne announced the release of her new clip-in hair extensions line on the company’s Instagram page over the weekend, and fans were all here for it and ready to place orders. That is, until they saw the $710 price tag.

Posting the new extension on her Instagram, she captioned the photo: “NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! NEW HAIR!! WWW.PRETTYMESSHAIR.COM IS LIVE.”


She also posted another photo, which was captioned, “Inches, you can get some too. PRETTYMESSHAIR.”

While Erika, 50, and her hair extensions do look gorgeous in the shots, fans are now calling it all a joke and cash grab, and they remain unimpressed for what the asking price is. On the company’s website, the hair extensions are $710 for one DIY clip-in set.

Taking to the comments, fans were quick to point out the “ridiculous” quality and cost of the product.

One fan wrote, “Too expensive—you can buy these exact same extensions on Amazon—save your money hunny.”

Another added, “Pricing doesn’t seem legit at allllll for clip ins.”

Other fans accused the RHOBH star of price gouging, especially during a pandemic.

“Low down the price, then maybe you’ll sell out faster. Don’t forget we’re in a pandemic and you’re targeting a niche consumer with the prices because in all honesty the 1% would definitely be able to afford these extensions,” they said.

At one point, one consumer flat-out called Erika and her prices “a joke.”

The user wrote, “What a joke your prices are. Beverly Hills prices that’s for sure!”

As many fans are aware, Erika is facing a $25 million lawsuit attached to her ex-husband, Tom Girardi.

During one last-season episode of RHOBH, Erika admitted to costar Kyle Richards that she had “zero dollars” to her name.

“I’m out here rebuilding my life, girl,” she told Kyle. “But, girl, I have zero dollars. And by the time those trustees are done with him [Tom], there will be nothing…So I walk out of this with nothing.”

Hopefully, Erika can sell out this extension line (or lower the price) and add some more dollars to that bank account. Because we all know how “Xxpensive” it is to be you, girl.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently filming its new season, which is expected to air sometime in spring of this year.