RHONJ: Frank Catania Shares New Details About Dolores’ Split From David Principe, Calls New Boyfriend Paul An “Alpha,” Plus Dishes on His Girlfriend

by Adam Ragsdale
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Frank Catania Reveals Details About Dolores' Split with David Principe, Calls New Boyfriend Paul An “Alpha”

After waiting (in vain) for Dr. David Principe to give her a ring, Dolores Catania ended their relationship this past summer.

Many of Dolores’ friends on Real Housewives of New Jersey felt David wasn’t right for her.

In an interview with the Side Piece podcast, Dolores’ ex-husband Frank revealed details about the breakup. “I don’t know what the final deal was,” said Frank. “I always say David is the most incredible doctor you will ever… he’s the most caring doctor… he’s excellent at his job; he sucks as a boyfriend and I’ll tell him to his face. I tell him all the time.”

He went on to say, “I think it got to a point where Dolores said ‘I’m okay with it but give me a four-day weekend here or there…’ and next thing you know he had to cancel, and then they just started drifting apart.”

“David’s still one of my best friends,” he explained. “Me and him just went to dinner the other night.”

Frank also talked about his own girlfriend (whose name he didn’t share): “She’s never been on [the show]. And we took a little hiatus, we took a break, and we’re back together. And who knows? Maybe this year, the next season we film, she may make an appearance.”

He said his girlfriend doesn’t have a “thick skin,” and he’s scared what viewers might say about her. “Believe me… the limelight is definitely not primary to her,” he said. But she “gets along great” with his ex-wife.

Although Frank and Dolores are dating other people, Frank expressed, “Nobody gets in between Dolores and I, nobody. You come into this dynamic you know that there’s a relationship between me and Dolores which is not the orthodox relationship, and you have to understand.”

He said their significant others have “nothing to worry about . . . We are abnormally close for an ex-husband and ex-wife but on a different level than we were before.”

Frank then addressed Dolores’ new romance: “I haven’t hung out with [her boyfriend Paul Connell] enough to make a decision, but I gotta be honest with you . . . Dolores seems happy. He’s a nice guy. He’s very well to do. He’s a nice guy — makes her happy.”

He eventually revealed, “Listen, Paul’s an alpha guy, Paul’s a strong guy, okay? I just hope he can deal with Dolores and I’s relationship.”

“I hope to spend more time with him, with Dolores, because that’s usually what breaks the ice,” Frank added. “The more time you spend with Dolores and I when we’re together, you see the relationship.”