Kelly Dodd Slams Hannah Ferrier After Below Deck Alum Reacts to Her RHOC Ratings Diss, See Their Exchange

by Adam Ragsdale
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Kelly Dodd Feuds with Hannah Ferrier on Social Media, Slams RHOC Ratings and Calls Below Deck Star "A Waitress on A Boat”

On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd gained infamy by speaking her unfiltered thoughts.

Little has changed now that she’s off the show, and her opinions continue to make headlines. In the latest feud, Kelly faced off with Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck.

The drama started when Kelly dissed the RHOC ratings. She wrote on Instagram, “[RHOC’s] ‘BIG’ increase is nothing to brag about… 4 out of 6 shows so far under a million viewers (we had 14 of 16 OVER 1 [million] and last season’s episode 6 scored 1.059 and .37 in the demo, crushing this week again.”

She went on to say, “In fact, 15 has beaten 16 soundly every single week. If you’re keeping track at home, it’s Kelly 6, Heather 0.”

Hannah, a fellow Bravo star who saw the post, gave the following comment: “That’s kind of sad.”

Kelly quickly fired back. “Sad?” she asked Hannah. “Making observations about the performance of a show I was on for five years? I’m doing recaps and this is news. What’s sad is you may never do anything better than being a waitress on a boat.”