Here’s Why Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and Christine Split After 25 Years, Were Intimacy Issues to Blame?

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Sister Wives' Kody Brown and Christine Have Called it Quits After 25 Years, Find Out Why They Broke Up

When the unthinkable happened to the Sister Wives’ Brown family, fans watched as one of the most well-known and original wives, Christine Brown, left her husband Kody Brown and ultimately the family after two decades of marriage.

Viewers were left with many unanswered questions, especially the lingering question of… why? But previews for the upcoming episode may have given us all a clue.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, we see Christine reveal to the cameras that Kody had admitted to her that he was not interested in an intimate relationship with her. So in case you are keeping count, out of a polygamous marriage of four wives, Kody is not interested in being intimate with wives Meri or Christine, and he doesn’t see Janelle due to disagreements over Covid restrictions.

So that leaves just Robyn Brown. Hmm, sounds a little bit like monogamy to us…and to the fans who are blowing up the family’s various social media accounts with accusations of Kody only really being a husband to one of his wives. Although Robyn continues to claim that Kody’s difficult relationships with his other wives affects their marriage too, fans aren’t buying it.

But apparently,  fans aren’t the only ones throwing around the accusation that Kody is only interested in one wife. The preview also reveals Christine admitting that her daughters have a hard time respecting their father due to the fact that they feel he plays favorites. Yikes. But it seems Kody’s perceived preferences are no secret to his family as previous episodes revealed that although Kody was not seeing his wives or children, he and Robyn had an outside nanny coming to their home. 

In an exclusive extended clip released to People that can be found here, Christine goes into detail about the events that took place leading up to Kody revealing that he was not interested in having an intimate marriage with her. Christine goes on to say that a marriage without intimacy is just not enough for her. She reveals that she is “heartbroken” by the news, and she said that although Kody had told her before that he was “not attracted” to her, Christine had hoped that things would get better. But as it turns out, things got worse. Christine realized in the clip that the intimate part of their marriage was “over,” and she just wasn’t alright with staying in a “half marriage.”

In previews for this week’s episode, Kody comes to Christine’s home to find all of his books and belongings in boxes in the garage. Kody asked the cameras whether he was being kicked out. And since we know that Kody and Christine have officially split, the answer to that is clearly a yes.

So now we know some of the backstory of why Kody and Christine Brown finally called it quits after 25 years of marriage. And while we know how the story is ultimately going to end in the upcoming episode, it is still going to be hard for fans to watch the demise of one of the most beloved of the Sister Wives’ relationships. But perhaps the upcoming episode will shed still more light on why Christine finally had to say goodbye to her husband and sister wives’ family of 25 years.