Jen Shah Slams Jennie Nguyen Amid Racism Scandal, Thinks Apology Was “Disingenuous” as Lisa Promises “Things Get Addressed” Before RHOSLC Season 3

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Jen Shah Slams Jennie Nguyen Amid Racism Scandal, Thinks Apology Was “Disingenuous” as Lisa Promises "Things Get Addressed" Before Season 3

Jennie Nguyen, the newest castmate on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, was caught in a racism scandal after past social media posts were unearthed.

The posts, which were liked or reposted by Jennie, are blatantly derogatory toward the Black Lives Matter movement. After the comments were revealed, the Bravo star issued a public apology.

Castmate Jen Shah addressed the racism scandal in a recent Instagram statement: “I rarely believe what I see or hear online. I know firsthand what it feels like to be judged without evidence or an admission of guilt.”

She went on to say, “However, since my RHOSLC cast member has admitted that she made those horrible comments and posts, I must now stand up, on behalf of my husband and sons who are African American, to say that I am deeply offended by the racially insensitive posts and comments.”

Jen said, “It was infuriating to see her like and repost comments that made a mockery of and showed complete apathy towards those killed marching to bring awareness to the deep-seeded social justice issues that plague our country.”

The Bravo star also expressed disappointment in Jennie’s “disingenuous apology.” She then wrote, “Needless to say, we have some real s–t to talk about.”

In the caption, Jen quoted Thurgood Marshall: “Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.”

Jen’s co-star Lisa Barlow (who introduced Jennie into the group and has the closest relationship with her) also reacted to the scandal with a short statement on Instagram: “Things get addressed.”

A fan then asked her if the “recent comments and FB posts get addressed… when and how cause the reunion has been filmed.”

Another fan immediately said “it’ll be addressed in S3” because the cast is currently “in the middle of filming” for it.

Lisa, however, set the record straight, responding: “Before then.”

Many fans believe this means producers will cover the scandal in the current season even though the reunion has wrapped. When a story this big hits the headlines, Real Housewives’ producers will often feature it in an after-the-reunion update.

Only time will tell.