Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach Calls Out Jake’s “Confusing” Behavior in Love Triangle Drama

by Adam Ragsdale
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Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach Calls Out Jake Foulger's “Confusing” Behavior in Love Triangle Drama

Fans of Below Deck season nine are fascinated by the love triangle known as Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsey, and Fraser Olender.

The better phrase might be ‘love square,’ though, because Jake (at the time of filming) was engaged to a woman named Paris.

In his weekly blog, Captain Lee Rosbach expressed his opinions about the young deckhand: “Jake, you remain an enigma. You’re doing your job well, and I appreciate it. But I don’t think there’s one episode where you are not disrobing at some point or other.”

In the latest episode, Jake seemingly slept with Rayna in one of the bunks after Fraser left the room. Earlier in the episode, however, Rayna was jealous because Jake hung out with Fraser alone.

Captain Lee addressed Jake’s shady romantic behavior. He wrote, “I hear you chatting up your girlfriend and telling her you want her to come to Fl with you and you can work together. Not long after that, you’re busting a move on Fraser and totally confusing him, hell confusing me.”

“Then we’re back to the girlfriend and you stating that absence is making your heart grow fonder and you really want her as your real girlfriend,” continued the captain. “Not long after that revelation, you and Rayna are having a jolly good romp in your bunk after you and Rayna give poor Fraser the boot.”

Throughout season nine, Rayna, Jake, and Fraser have engaged in several three-way kisses. According to a recent Instagram Q&A, Jake is currently single.

The season is not yet over, but Rayna promised that it ends abruptly. As of now, the details of the finale are still unknown.

Below Deck currently airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo