REPORT: Alina Kasha to Be Fired From 90 Day Fiancé After Racist Posts as Producers Scramble to Edit Her Out From Show

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Breaking! 90 Day Fiance Fires Alina Kasha As Producers Race To Scrub Her Out of Season 5

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Alina Kasha was one of the 90 Day Fiance fan favorites. She and her boyfriend Caleb Greenwood seemed to be overcoming the odds and their many obstacles to find cross-continental love.

But fans’ opinion of Alina changed drastically after one extremely controversial caption posted by the 90 Day Fiance star to her social media page.

Now, in light of all the backlash and fan commentary that Alina should be fired from season five of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, it seems producers have made the decision to accommodate the fan’s request, and they let Alina go from the show.

Alina posted a photo to her social media of a party she had attended in college that was about dressing up like “gangsters,” but Alina used several explicit and racially sensitive words both in the description of the party and her outfit. In an apology shortly after, Alina explained that her mastery of English was still not good and she had not understood the meaning of the word. But fans were simply not buying it — especially when additional racially insensitive posts surfaced. The fans’ backlash was immediate and swift as many called for Alina’s storyline in 90 Day Fiance to be removed from the season.

And it seems like fans are getting their wish as a  private source told Ashley’s Reality Round-Up, “The producers are horrified that this stuff keeps coming out, and keeps getting worse and worse.”

Producers allegedly made the decision over this weekend to fire her.

Yet another post surfaced of Alina in traditional Indian wedding clothing with a caption that read, “Got married today! Became 134th’ wife.” The caption caused quite the controversy and also could not be passed off as a lack of knowledge of nuances of a language, as the previous post had attempted to be. Fans were horrified.

90 Day Fiance's Alina posts questionable picture.

Alina posts controversial photos. Credit:@babydoller/Instagram

The pictures were almost immediately removed in light of the backlash, but regardless, it seems producers had no choice but to agree with the fans as they now begin furiously attempting to remove Alina from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season five.

Alina would not be the first 90 Day Fiance star to be let go from the show. Larissa Dos Santos Lima was also booted from the show after going on the live webcam show CamSoda and then being arrested by ICE. So 90 Day Fiance is no stranger to kicking off any star that does not uphold the show’s standards.

Although many had initially applauded Alina and Caleb’s storyline, things have quickly turned sour for the two. Alina, a Russian native, met American-born Caleb 13 years prior on a language learning app. While the two hit it off, they did not make plans to meet up. Then, 13 years later, Caleb joined an international dating app and saw Alina on it also. The two felt it was more than just a coincidence and they finally decided to meet up in Turkey to see if their love could cross the cultural boundaries. But cultural differences weren’t the only issues the two had. Alina is a little person and has difficulty walking long distances without the use of a wheelchair. While Caleb did know that beforehand, upon arriving in Turkey he definitely was a little overwhelmed by the amount of help Alina needed in getting around.

The two also did not kiss until almost the third day, leaving Alina feeling worried about the couple’s future. But finally, the two got into a groove and were able to kiss, and much more. But soon, tensions arose again as Alina pushed Caleb for a commitment but then revealed she had been keeping a big secret from him.

But once again, the two seemed to overcome yet another hurdle and move one step forward in their relationship. But now it appears we may never know how the Caleb and Alina storyline plays out as it seems Alina is about to be written out of the show for good.