RHOC Fans Accuse Heather and Terry Dubrow of Showing Off Wealth as Heather is Labeled “Tacky” for Revealing Cost of Dinner Party

by Adam Ragsdale
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RHOC Fans Accuse Heather and Terry Dubrow of Showing Off Their Wealth as Heather is Labeled “Tacky” for Revealing Cost of Dinner Party

The return of Heather Dubrow has caused a flurry of opinions. The Real Housewives of Orange County fanbase is somewhat divided on the former actress. Some believe she represents a sea change, moving the franchise back toward its ‘high-class’ roots. Others, however, are tired of Heather and her mansion.

Her critics believe she acts superior to the other castmates, who are beneath her (in her own mind).

On the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit, commenters are voicing their frustration at the well-to-do family.

A Reddit user expressed, “I can’t stand the Dubrows, full disclosure. But it feels to me that they came back just for clout or to flex their wealth. It almost feels condescending to the other cast. It’s patronising and makes me annoyed and cringe at the same time.”

They went on to say, “Every look or smile Heather does… always looks pretentious.”

Another viewer theorized: “[Heather and her husband Terry] came back for the fame and to accumulate even more wealth. They both have enormous egos and are the founders, presidents, and sole members of their fan club.”

A different fan referenced a scene from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (when a newbie castmate kept pointing out her own “$25,000” sunglasses).

“I’ve gone back and forth on the Dubrows over the years but it’s unwatchable,” the fan wrote. “When most of BH was rich, part of the allure of that franchise was lifestyle porn but it’s different when one cast member has such a different tier of wealth …and then is so condescending and needing to flaunt it…it’s like full episodes of $25k sunglasses talk from someone who thinks she is the epitome of class … ugh.”

One user felt uncomfortable with the couple’s facial expressions: “This is the first season [sic] I skip. I can’t stomach those 2. Cringe cringe cringe. They scare me a little bit too with their creepy eyes.”

Several viewers referenced Heather’s elaborate dinner party, which was thrown in her mansion at the beginning of the season. When it was over, the star said it cost $36,000.

A Reddit user expressed, “Don’t forget about when she casually mentioned how much her sushi party cost her. So tacky.”

“They absolutely came back to flex their wealth and it’s not landing like it did previously,” said another commenter. “Lots of people are struggling and it’s actually repulsive to throw away that much food and brag about your house. She doesn’t realize this because she’s out of touch.”

Some users, however, share a completely different viewpoint and are pleased with the new cast. “I’m glad [Heather’s] back! I want to see more of their wealth! More more more! Spend money!” said one.

Another pondered, “I mean, does anyone appear on Housewives for noble reasons? They’re all flaunting something and trying to make money. I like Heather because I think she’s funny & she fights like a b****, not like a vicious moron.”