RHOC Recap: Emily Clashes With Noella Over Divorce Details, Jen Reveals Ryne Left and Heather’s Daughter Talks Sexuality, Plus is Shannon Jealous of Heather and Gina’s Friendship?

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RHOC Recap: Emily Clashes With Noella Over Divorce Details, Jen Reveals Ryne Left and Heather’s Daughter Talks Sexuality, Plus is Shannon Jealous of Heather and Gina’s Friendship?

Crumbling marriages, edibles, and appetizer-less luncheons. All that and more on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

It’s time for a Dubrow family dinner — another time where they gather ‘round and chat about normal everyday things as if they are complete strangers. Heather talks about feeling nostalgic now that her eldest children are graduating high school, and I do love how her kids really fight just like normal siblings (despite being gazillionaires).

Kat explains that she is “just in the middle” and doesn’t really connect with her brother and sisters. Heather promises that her relationship will “ebb and flow” with her siblings. Kat explains that when she came out she dealt with a lot of homophobia, but she is grateful for having a supportive family even when she is bickering with them.

Noella meets up with Emily for a pedicure, and the women hunker down for some rest, relaxation, and girl talk. Noella worries about Shannon‘s upcoming luncheon, and she explains that she is a “typical Gemini.” She realizes that she cares about this group of women, and she has hopes that they can just get along and put the past in the past.

Noella seemingly only discusses her soon-to-be-ex-husband and states that right now it’s “fight or flight” with her and she is tired of crying every day. Emily explains that everything is extreme with Noella, and she suggests Noella recognize that she becomes unreasonable and hurtful when she is triggered. Emily further offers that Noella should maybe ask about someone else’s life… something Noella NEVER does. Noella is simply exhausting to watch and to listen to.

Shannon’s luncheon with the ladies at her house is off to a terrible start. She has forgotten to order the appetizers (WHAT), and the waiter stares off into the abyss as if he simply cannot believe that this is his life. Heather and Jen share a ride over to Shannon’s, and Jen drops a bombshell on Heather: “Ryne packed his bags and left last night.” Just wondering if he put any shirts in his suitcase…

Jen explains that she feels completely alone, and she is humiliated by his actions. Jen states that she needs a divorce and that she never wants to feel the way she feels again. Heather tries to talk Jen out of it, but time will tell what Jen decides to do. Jen also states that she doesn’t want to talk about this with the other women, and Heather promises to divert the conversation if needed.

Can we take a moment to discuss Heather’s gift for Shannon? #Microdoses. Who knew Fancy Pants loved to get down with the edibles?!

All it takes for Jen to word vomit the news about Ryne is someone asking the simple question, “How are you?”  So much for not talking about your personal life, huh, Jen? Jen tells the ladies about Ryne’s big “lash out,” and Emily tries to give some advice, considering she has had a rocky marriage to her hubby, Shane. The women recommend therapy and Jen talks about how she went to Tina for therapy, much like Shannon and David. Talk about a flashback…

Emily suggests Jen and Ryne write mission statements for their marriage, just like she did with Shane, and the divorce talk continues as the women sit down to have their “light lunch.” How can this franchise even be called Housewives when half of them are divorcees and the rest of them only slightly like their partners?

Shannon and Gina reflect on what went wrong in their marriages, and leave it to Noella to ask the inappropriate questions at the inappropriate time. She reallllly knows how to read a room! Noella asks Jen if there was a prenup involved in her marriage, which is a strange question to ask a person who hasn’t mentioned officially divorcing Ryne.  Naturally, Noella makes this about her and talks about how this just happened to her “not even six weeks ago.”

Jen calls Ryne’s behavior “false advertising,” and Noella jumps in to try to make the chatter about her. Emily loses it and tells Noella all she talks about is her divorce. Not wrong, however, Emily should have taken it down a few notches — she completely jumped down Noella’s throat.

Jen excuses herself and Heather follows. Interesting how Jen goes from wanting a divorce in the car with Heather to “I want progress and success.” I am confused, just like Emily. Emily walks away from Noella and is over the fact that she cannot challenge her or disagree with her. Jen calls Noella inconsistent, and the ladies form a separate hang-out area far away from Noella.

Shannon meanders over to the group to try and get them back to the table for some cookies. Heather tells Shannon, “Let me handle this for you,” and at that moment, I realize everyone needs a friend like Heather. In hopes of calming down and taking the edge off, Shannon whips out her edibles to share with Heather and Emily, and it’s everything I never knew I needed. I am living for Heather and Shannon sharing the edible, and now we are actually viewing the “fun Shannon” that she always claimed to be. Love when Shan refers to Heather as her drug dealer. A phrase I never thought I’d hear!

Besties Gina and Emily get the kids together for a playdate. Gina talks about her new skincare line (how many of these do we need on this show?!), and she is happy to have had Heather so proud of her accomplishment. It turns out that at Shannon’s luncheon, Shan appeared less than thrilled to have Gina crowding the market and to have Heather championing Gina’s every move. Gina can’t get over how jealous Shannon appears to be of her friendship with Heather. Just wait til Shannon finds out that Heather invited Gina to New York!

Later, Heather is busy gardening with her daughter, Kat, and they discuss Kat’s sexuality. Kat explains that negativity is inevitable when you come out, but Heather supports Kat and tells her not to care about what one person says. Heather chats about how happy she is to have a close relationship with her children, and she claims that she has learned a lot from Kat. Heather becomes emotional talking about how she cannot fathom how some parents simply do not accept their children for being gay, and she invites those kids to her house if they feel lonely or hopeless.

That night, an overdressed Jen joins Emily and Shannon for dinner. Emily wants to know what happened when Jen left Shannon’s, and Jen shares that she hasn’t had that big conversation with Ryne about their marriage yet. Jen explains that her whole family fell apart when her father died, and Jen tried to replace the void with Ryne because he was easy and carefree. Turns out that those traits are the same ones causing this disruption now in their marriage…

Emily comes out and asks Shannon if she gets jealous of Gina’s relationship with Heather. Shannon denies being jealous, but her reaction says otherwise. Emily won’t drop it, and Shannon explains that skincare is also on her plate, but in no way is she envious or concerned about Gina’s product OR her friendship. Shannon states, “Gina’s ego needs to put a little pin in it,” and she claims she does not sit around worrying about petty stuff like that. Shannon is also over Emily constantly stirring the pot, and she is p*ssed that this is even getting said out loud. Get Shan a #microdose ASAP.