RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson Clarifies She Wasn’t Formally Diagnosed With Cancer When She Had Full Hysterectomy, Claims Initial Details Were “Misconstrued”

by Adam Ragsdale
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RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson Clarifies She Underwent Full Hysterectomy Due to “Cancer Cells,” Claims Initial Details Were “Misconstrued”

Last November, after Vicki Gunvalson‘s appearance on the “Jeff Lewis Live” podcast, it was reported she had a secret battle against cancer.

One of the assumptions was that Vicki (a former star of Real Housewives of Orange County) had a formal diagnosis. The other was that she’d fought it for the last two years.

On Friday, however, Vicki made some clarifications.

According to her recent interview with Page Six, Vicki didn’t undergo the hysterectomy because of a formal cancer diagnosis. “I had a full hysterectomy because I had cancer cells in my uterus and cervix,” she said. “They took it out — no chemo, no radiation. It wasn’t a two-year battle, like they misconstrued. It was two years ago.”

She went on to say, “You don’t go get a full hysterectomy because you have nothing else to do tomorrow… When I went for the post-op, [the doctor] said, ‘Good thing you took it out. We did see cancer cells.’”

Vicki wished to elaborate because of her past scandal with ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers. In 2015, he told E! News he faked documents to make it appear he was at a cancer hospital. According to the interview, however, he did this “alone, without Vicki’s knowledge.”

In Vicki’s November interview with the podcast, she said Brooks scammed her too: “I f–king got $380,000 out of my checkbook into his… I paid for all his s–t for five years. So people say I was in on some scam? I got scammed. He was ‘sick’ so he couldn’t work. Don’t get me down this rabbit hole.”