Fans Slam Below Deck Sailing Yacht Guest for Inappropriate Behavior Toward Stew Gabriela Barragan

by Adam Ragsdale
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Fans Slam Below Deck Sailing Yacht Charter Guest for Inappropriate Behavior Toward Stew Gabriela Barragan

On the season premiere of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, stew Gabriela Barragan was forced to deal with a drunk charter guest, McCordia.

Gabriela, who wanted the intoxicated guest to go to sleep, heard some extremely inappropriate comments. At first, the guest repeatedly complimented her appearance. He then said he had “a small d–k” before asking Gabriela who she wanted to have sex with.

She said she didn’t want to sleep with anyone on the ship. McCordia then asked if she preferred sleeping with women or men. Gabriela eventually told him that he was acting inappropriately.

Soon after the episode aired, fans expressed their concern on social media.

One fan on Twitter expressed, “I hope McCordia [redacted] searches twitter for his name and the #BelowDeck Sailing hashtag so he can see how much everyone thinks he’s a douchebag for being completely inappropriate to Gabriela.”

“The primary’s behavior is disgusting and I feel so bad for Gabriela. Unfortunately, a lot of women have been in her shoes,” said another.

One Twitter user said his behavior was “out of line” and another told him to “leave Gabriela alone.”

Others praised Gabriela for how she dealt with the situation. “I respect the way Gabriela was handling that drunk, inappropriate guest. I definitely wouldn’t be as patient and respectful,” said one.

Another user similarly expressed they wouldn’t have been as polite: “This drunk dude is beyond inappropriate. I would get unprofessional real quick.”

Fans must wait another week to find out what happens with the charter.

Photo Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo