Kayne West Faces Backlash Over Disturbing Video of Pete Being Kidnapped and Buried Alive Hours After Court Declares Kim Legally Single, Plus Rapper’s Attorney Speaks Out

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Kayne West Buries Pete Davidson Alive in Shocking Claymation Video, Hours after Court Declares Kim Legally Single, Plus Rapper’s Attorney Gives Public Response

After Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship got serious, Kanye West made an effort to throw shade at them.

Kim recently petitioned the court to grant her divorce against Kanye (who was allegedly creating emotional distress for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star), and she finally got a win.

Within hours after a judge granted Kim’s request to be legally single, Kanye released a shocking video for his song, “Easy.” The video, which was posted on Kanye’s Instagram, features a claymation version of Pete being abducted, bound, and buried alive.

In one scene, Kayne stands over Pete’s head as the lyrics state, “God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” In another scene, Kanye appears to cradle Pete’s severed head.

The rapper alludes to “Skete,” Kanye’s nickname for the comedian, in a message that’s written at the end of the video.


Many on social media are concerned about the situation. “That Kanye video is actually disturbing, pete needs to sue and file a restraining order,” commented one person. “i love kanye but this petty s— is embarrassing and everyone praising him for it clearly don’t give a f— about him. like if something happens to Pete, kanye will truly be f—ed cause he’s leaving all the evidence online.”

Another asked, “Are we going to let Kanye continue publicly bullying Pete Davidson?” A different user expressed, “Kanye has hit a very scary point. If I was Kim or Pete, I’d be down at the police station filing a restraining order YESTERDAY!”

After the divorce was granted, Kayne’s attorney Samantha Spector spoke with E! News to “dispel a few mistruths” about the court hearing: “Kanye’s paperwork has always indicated that his problems with the divorce was only procedural… He was always in support of the divorce only if Kim satisfied the procedural requirements to protect rights under the California law.”

What is Kanye thinking now? According to his attorney, “Ye is focusing his entire attention to their children.”