Below Deck Sailing Yacht Guests Erica & Charles Talk Manipulated Scene and Slam Chief Stew Daisy for Interview Diss

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Charter Guests Erica and Charles Sanders Claim Show is Scripted and Slam Chief Stew Daisy Over Interview Diss

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s new season has only just begun, but the waters are already becoming murky. Not by way of the crew, though, but by returning charter guests Erica Rose Sanders and husband Charles Sanders.

Taking to her Instagram page, Erica said the couple was super happy to be returning this season for another charter on the Parsifal III vessel, but the couple was unhappy with some of the preview clips, mainly one showing chief stew Daisy Kelliher calling Erica’s return the “worst news ever.”

It wasn’t the worst news for the Sanders, though, as the former Bachelor star posted a photo to her Instagram page with her husband on board the yacht, saying, “I’m happy we came back. IDK about everyone else based on some interviews that came out lol I linked them in my bio. I’m just happy I brought my husband with me this time. We always have each other’s back and he’s also cool AF! Can’t wait for y’all to see his reality tv debut ????. Y’all just might be surprised, I know you’ll be entertained.”

After the photo was posted, the comments immediately began to flood in, and that’s when Erica and Charles made a shocking and bold claim that the show was scripted after a fan asked about Erica’s scene critiquing Chef Marcos Spaziani’s food.

“Watch and see! Remember it’s a TV show at the end of the day. And sometimes the chefs are encouraged to do certain things,” Erica said. However, her husband Charles went even further and replied, “That scene I scripted with the producers like four times.”

Those are some hefty claims there, Charles.

Bravo has been adamant that the Below Deck franchises are anything but scripted. This is a sentiment echoed by many of the cast and crew, including Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach, who says, “The show is 100% real.”

And according to The Sun, previous charter guests have backed the show as being completely real.

Back in 2021, even producer Mark Cronin rebuked claims that the show was scripted, describing it as “authentic”

The Sanders have maintained their stance on their version of the show. But they also have aimed attacks at the cast, and mainly Daisy.

“Daisy has been doing interviews saying she is so horrified to see that I’m back,” Erica revealed in another Instagram comment.

Charles also jumped into the comment section to throw a completely unnecessary jab at Daisy. “Also the food was subpar,” he said. “And why is Daisy pissed off at me it’s not my fault that [Erica] is prettier than she is.”

So, the scene regarding your dissatisfaction with food was real then, not scripted?

So far, I’m with Daisy. Ya’ll sound like “the worst.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.