Why Craig Conover Didn’t Want to Be “Exclusive” With Paige DeSorbo

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Summer House: Why Craig Conover Doesn't Want to Be "Exclusive" with Paige DeSorbo, Plus Where He Sees Their Relationship Heading

Power couple Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover aren’t as powerful as viewers believed. On season six of Summer House, they seemed to be on a steady path in their budding romance.

An unfortunate hiccup, of course, was Craig’s past hookup with Kristin Cavallari — though Kristin reportedly denied it ever happened.

In the latest episode, Paige is anxious to know how Craig feels about their relationship. During a confessional interview, she explained, “I sent Craig a text message just being like, ‘Hey, this is where my head’s at and if we’re not on the same page, consider me out.'”

“And the next thing I know,” she continued, “Craig is on a flight to New York to hang out with me.”

During an awkward scene in her apartment, Paige asks a big question (kind of): “Look, I’m like not the type of girl to ever ask a guy, ‘What are we?’”

“I think that’s so loser-ish,” she added. “But obviously we’ve been hanging out more and I love whatever we’re doing.” She said she didn’t want to put him “on the spot,” but Craig quickly answered the question.

“We’re always gonna be jealous of each other,” he explained. “It’s not worth, though, saying we’re completely exclusive because I think that would put too much stress on it and I don’t think it would last.”

Craig pictures their relationship continuing as it is until they “both know that it would be inappropriate for us to ever…”

“…be hooking up with other people,” Paige finished his thought. “Okay, that’s how I feel.”

Some fans feel Paige wasn’t being completely honest, and Craig’s abrupt answer was a bit of a shock.

Fast forward to today and the stars are officially a couple and are still going strong as Paige recently joked about them getting married.

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