90 Day Fiancé Star Mike Berk Accused of Racism After Old Instagram Post Resurfaces, Plus Why Season 5 Cast is Most Scandalous Ever

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90 Day Fiancé Star Mike Beck Accused of Racism After Old Instagram Post Resurfaces, Plus Why Season 5 Cast is Most Scandalous Ever90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days… what is happening? This season’s cast has had the most ups and downs, breakups, blowups, and scandals that fans have seen on the show for a long time, and for 90 Day Fiance, that’s really saying a lot.

Where to begin? Let’s start with the star-crossed cast members Alina Kasha and Caleb Greenwood. While somewhat of an unlikely match, the couple did have 13 years of history to draw on as the two had originally met through a language learning app years before. They reconnected through an international dating app and decided to finally see if they could make the connection face to face. Many fans had high hopes for the couple, but in the end, Alina’s needs for physical support surrounding being a little person proved too much for Caleb. After the couple’s brief meetup in Turkey, Caleb decided to call it quits on the relationship.

But the drama for these two was just getting started. Before the show aired the couple’s storyline finale, the show terminated Alina as a cast member following several derogatory Instagram posts that were shared by Alina. The controversy continued to grow as fans dug through the former 90 Day star’s Instagram, and they found a virtual treasure trove of hateful posts.

The show had no choice but to fire Alina and curtail the couple’s storyline. But Alina wasn’t the only 90 Day cast member facing some serious backlash for questionable social media posts. 90 Day’s Mike Berkowitz, aka Mike Berk, is now also under scrutiny for several posts discovered on a previous Instagram account of his.

Mike’s old account featured several homophobic and racist posts that he has since taken down — but not before fans saw them and began sharing them.

One of Mike’s more offensive posts, shown below, had fans once again asking 90 Day Fiance producers to take responsibility for the people they were giving a platform through the show and to take action against Mike Beck as well.

90 Day Fiance Mike Berk Alleged Racist Post

While 90 Day producers have not made a public statement or taken action about the posts yet, it is a good bet that they will be asked to do something similar as they did with Alina and scrub Mike from the show. However, judging by the quickly declining status of Mike’s relationship with his Colombian fiancée, Ximena, producers may not have much to do before Mike’s storyline is resolved.

But the stars’ off-camera behavior isn’t the only thing causing a stir with the season five cast. It seems every single couple of the season has drama of an epic proportion, including Gino Palazzano and Jasmine Pineda. Fans initially thought Jasmine’s over-the-top jealousy was unwarranted. With everything from asking Gino to provide evidence to his whereabouts to her blowups over ex-selected paint colors in Gino’s home, fans were unsure the couple would be able to overcome Jasmine’s jealousy issues. But in a plot twist that none of us saw coming, it turns out Jasmine’s jealousy… was completely warranted!

Jasmine received messages from Gino’s ex, proving they were still talking, and worse, that Gino had actually sent the ex topless photos of Jasmine in an attempt to make her jealous. Talk about scandalous. When Jasmine found out, the explosion of a lifetime occurred, complete with flying toothbrushes and hats being ripped off. The couple’s fight became so explosive that the producers actually had to step in and separate the two. But somehow, through it all the couple made up and continued on with their trip, and they appear still together currently. Wild.

But wait, we aren’t done yet! The 90 Day season five saga continues as many fans also feel Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca‘s storyline… is fake! Many feel that the real Mahogany was a catfish and that the girl being portrayed as Mahogany is actually a stand-in found by the producers of the show. It certainly would explain a lot of things — the Airbnb she tried to pass off as her apartment, the age discrepancy, her 48-hour disappearance, her disconnect from Ben and their previous conversations, and several other discrepancies between the two’s online relationship and face-to-face meeting. The interaction between the couple is certainly cringe at best, as is watching Mahogany attempt to convince Ben that a very obvious Airbnb residence is her personal apartment. So is their storyline fake? Who’s to say, but it definitely has the social media and fan boards buzzing.

Yes, there seems to be no end to the drama for the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season five cast. And between Caleb and Alina being off the show, Mike most likely being next, and the other couples’ relationships limping along, it has many fans not only feeling this is the most scandalous cast by far but also wondering after all is said and done… who will be left?

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