Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Janelle Flatt Claps Back at Erica Rose Over Low Crew Tip Claim as Erica Explains Her Side, Plus Fans Praise Janelle and Rhett as MVPs of Charter

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Janelle Flatt Claims Erica Rose Lied about Tip, Releases Receipts as Fans Praise Janelle and Rhett as MVPs of Charter

On the latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, charter guests Erica and Cindi Rae Rose were slammed for giving a $6,500 tip, which is very low compared to most charters.

Additionally, Erica’s husband Charles received heat for blasting the food. However, Erica recently told Reality Blurb that he was acting in collaboration with producers.

During an interview with Another Below Deck Podcast, via CheatSheet, Erica said her friends (the other guests on the charter) refused to contribute to the tip, which made it so low. “The whole group is responsible for tipping,” she explained. “We had to pick up the slack for everyone else because no one else tipped.”

Erica believes the season three crew wasn’t great. “No one else really went above and beyond,” she said.

According to Erica and Charles, if all the guests had contributed to the tip, it would have been $25,000. And they said they didn’t have a serious discussion about the tip beforehand.

Their friends Rhett and Janelle Flatt, however, have another story — and they’re releasing the receipts. Janelle posted screenshots of an alleged text exchange between her and Erica, which suggests that Erica lied about the tip.

In one of the texts, Janelle asked Erica how much they should tip, to which Erica responded, “Our price includes tip! We can bring cash and tip extra if we want. I over tipped last time. I think the prices is ($) 5000/ per person including tip!! Not per couple.”

Another message from Erica expressed, “So it’s like ($) 3,000 per person, the $900 required tip and then ($)1,100 airfare is how it comes out to $5,000.”

Many fans were thrilled when Rhett called out Charles about the food comments. Later on, when Charles called Janelle a b**ch, Rhett approached Charles quickly and a physical altercation seemed imminent.

Several on social media praised Rhett for it.

One wrote, “this man right here. trying to do the lord’s work. we love you big guy. please. please. DO IT!”

Another expressed, “Me hoping that Rhett punches Charles by the end of this ep.”

Another fan addressed Charles directly: “Waste of space ???? showing off with the tip ???? we get it big guy … Cheers to Rhett and Janelle for calling out Chuck’s horrendous behavior.”

Some viewers feel Rhett and Janelle were the MVPs and VIPs of the trip.