RHOC Recap: Shannon Confronts Gina Over Jealousy Rumor, Jen Threatens Noella to be on Her Best Behavior at Launch Party, Plus Jeana Keough Makes a Cameo

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RHOC Recap: Shannon Confronts Gina Over Jealousy Rumor, Jen Threatens Noella to be on Her Best Behavior at Launch Party, Plus Jeana Keough Makes a Cameo

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, there are two very different parties hosted by two very different hosts. Shannon is harboring her bad blood toward Gina, and Jen is ready to talk brains to a group of people who are way more interested in champagne…

Heather is hosting a wrap party to celebrate her new TV show with her husband, Terry. The show is called Seven Year Stitch, and Heather and Terry make over couples around the seven-year mark of their marriage. The goal is to help them with all their “resources” and assist them mentally and with plastic surgery, cuz, why not? Heather’s basement is hotel worthy, and as always, Heather spared no expense.

She talks with her new bestie, Gina, and she shares that the dinner she hosted with Jen was “tough.” Gina goes on to state that Emily told HER that Jen told HER that Ryne is going to be staying in a rental for some time apart. Seems like Heather’s experiment to try and make Ryne and Jen’s marriage stronger failed. Too soon to pull the plug on the new show??

When Jen enters with Ryne, it is obvious that Ryne would rather be anywhere but with his wife at this party. Jen drops Ryne like a hot potato and finds Gina. The ladies talk about Jen’s upcoming brain scan party — yes, that is evidently a thing. Gina explains why she wants to bring her ex-husband, Matt, and his girlfriend to Jen’s event. Gina has hopes that if Matt tries out the scan, he would be more willing to allow their daughter, Sienna, to try it out to help with her sensory issues.

Terry makes a toast with Ecto Cooler in his glass, and he continuously blows smoke up Heather’s a*s about how perfect their marriage is and how much he loves her. Heather jumps in on the speech and tells a tale about a Richard Marx song and how she hoped to one day know love like the song. Turns out that Richard Marx is a guest at this party, and so Heather, ever the hostess, opens the floor to him, and he hops on his guitar to sing his classic love song.

Of course, Ryne shows no sign of emotion, causing Jen to recoil even further. The singalong is absolutely cringe, but at least Richard lets them join in, unlike David Foster. LOL. Post chorus practice, Gina sits down with Jen and hears the latest about her marriage to Ryne. “We have to connect, or we have to separate.” Jen admits there is a pattern in their relationship and the cycle they are in is exhausting. Gina calls Ryne “weird,” and it’s hilarious that Jen doesn’t even get disgruntled by that comment.

When Heather meanders over, Jen tells the girls how when she was leaving Shannon’s party the other night, Noella whispered, “Don’t we all have things going on?” Jen wants to uninvite Noella from her brain scan party because she fears Noella may act up. Heather suggests Jen do what is best for her, and if that means taking back Noella’s invite, so be it.

Noella and her mother, Nancy, are out for the night. Noella states she is a ball of stress and claims she wants her divorce over with because she just wants to focus on co-parenting. Even Noella’s mom seems exhausted by Noella’s incessant rambling about James. What a one-sided conversation. Noella claims she wants a “cookie-cutter” life, mainly because she had such a strange relationship with her father, but I’m calling BS strictly based on the life she has displayed thus far on national television.

Emily and her family are on their way to court… to see her husband, Shane, get sworn in! Emily is thrilled that Shane FINALLY passed the bar and that he will be able to get a job and can make money now. Shane can’t even get through the swearing-in since he can’t remember the lines to repeat so I am CERTAIN he is going to be an incredible lawyer in the state of California.

Gina is meeting her ex-husband, Matt, at the dentist with her children. Gina cannot fathom how she is at the orthodontist with Matt after all they have been through, but she states that she has “entered a new phase” of life with him and they’re good. Gina believes her victim impact statement gave her some power and forced Matt to step up to the plate and take responsibility.

Emily arrives at a teahouse to meet up with Terrill to hear his story and personal experience. Emily watched a documentary about 10 years ago that had to do with the Innocence Project, and so she is trying to help however she can now that she has more free time. Emily, the humanitarian. Emily explains that it is important that she meet Terrill in person, and we learn that when he was 17, he was denied counsel and interrogated like an adult. Terrill was brought in because people said he committed a crime, but after 15 years in prison, he was able to have some hope. Emily has hope that this will inspire her children to be good people.

Later, while getting glammed up for the event, Jen phones Noella with some bad news. Jen states that she was upset upon leaving Shannon’s and did not appreciate Noella’s whispering. She basically threatens Noella to be supportive and respectful, otherwise, she better not come. Noella states, “We can be big girls,” and I swear Jen wants to throw the phone across the room.

Jen is ready to talk brains. Emily is the first to get her brain scanned, and the scan seems like a horoscope from a teen magazine. Could it be any vaguer and more generic? So much for Gina’s plan… she wanted to have her ex and his girlfriend come and try it out in hopes of one day using the scan on their daughter. Speaking of her ex, why did Matt bring Kelly Dodd 2.0 as his plus one? Kudos to Jeana Keough for pointing that uncanny resemblance out! Guess Matt’s ex and Kelly share the same plastic surgeon.

When Shannon arrives, she is still carrying around the anger she feels toward Gina regarding the jealousy comments, but that’s gonna have to wait to be addressed. Dr. Jen is ready to make a speech about the brain scan treatment and she goes on… and on… for 25 minutes. She explains that this is super special to her, and she is doing this in memory of her father.

As everyone slowly wakes up after Jen’s lengthy spectacle, Shannon takes a moment to confront Gina about what she’s been saying. Shannon states that multiple people have come to her about the jealousy rumor, and Gina claims she has only said Shannon is jealous of her friendship with Heather, not of Shannon’s business. Gina is confused about why Shannon seems as though she cannot be happy for her and her growth, and Shannon retorts, “There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance.” Gina states that she doesn’t have arrogance and hits Shan with a “and if you think I do, then that’s your problem.” You can take the girl out of NY, but you can’t take the NY out of the girl. Watch out, Shannon… Gina is not ready to let you win yet. To be continued…