Dorinda Medley Dishes on Vaccine Feud With Vicki Gunvalson on RHUGT, RHONY Alum Shades Vicki’s Anti-Vax Stance as “Silly Chatter”

by Josh Ramsey
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RHUGT: Dorinda Medley Says Vicki Gunvalson COVID Vaccine Feud was “Silly Chatter” as Vicki was “Flippant” and Her Viewpoints Were Not Backed Up By Facts

Real Housewives of New York City alum Dorinda Medley is certainly “making it nice” on her upcoming stint on Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season two that takes place at her Berkshires home, Blue Stone Manor, and she’s now opening up about the heavily publicized COVID-19 vaccine fight between her and RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson.

Speaking with Page Six, Dorinda shared that she is very much pro-vax and Vicki was not at the time of filming. Dorinda says the issue shouldn’t be politicized, and it’s not about “red or blue” but about the science.

“I just was kind of clear about my views on that. You know I like to be clear on my views. Especially after a couple martinis, I get very clear,” Dorinda said. “For me, it was [about] science.”

Dorinda went on to say that on her part there was nothing emotional about her disagreement with Vicki. The more the two got into it, Dorinda says what got under her skin was that Vicki was flippantly throwing out statements about the vaccine issue that weren’t based on facts.

Dorinda explained, “There was nothing emotional about it. There was no red or blue,” before continuing, “That was one of the problems and one of the things we discussed.”

Speaking of Vicki’s behavior, Dorinda said, “You can’t be flip about it. … [I had to] just jump and believe in science — not all the noise.”

“I hated during that whole period the misinformation, the silly chatter [I was hearing],” she said to SiriusXM Radio Andy host. “[And] these scary statements people made.”

Vicki has also spoken about her role in the confrontation after filming caught her saying, “everyone who got the vaccine is going to die,” according to an insider to Page Six in 2021.

Vicki responded by saying, “To clarify, my conversation with Dorinda was specifically about a man I know who didn’t have a history of blood clots and unfortunately passed away from a pulmonary embolism, which happened to occur after he took the second dose of the vaccine.”

Regarding her conflict with Dorinda, Vicki would not give up on the fact that the vaccine was “political.”

“I told [Dorinda] it’s political and she didn’t agree, and if it’s not political then why is the government mandating it? So, you can believe what you wanna believe, but the facts are the facts. So, she has her opinions and I respect it. I just didn’t think she respected my opinion,” Vicki explained.

However, recently the RHOC alum has changed her tune on the COVID vaccine and is now “not anti-vax.”

“It’s different where I stand now. But at that time, which was September of last year, quite a while ago, it’s a different stance than where I am now,” said Vicki.

Maybe she just wants to “whoop it up” again and finally gave in?

Filming for Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season two has already wrapped filming, however, Bravo has yet to set a release date. Joining Dorinda and Vicki will be fellow RHOC alum Tamra Judge, RHOBH’s Taylor Armstrong and Brandi Glanville, RHONY’s Jill Zarin, and RHOA’s Eva Marcille and Phaedra Parks.

Andy Cohen has gone on record calling this housewives mashup his “twisted fantasy” filled with “wall to wall drama,” so I’m expecting a rollercoaster of a good time.