Tamra Judge on Why She Thinks Noella Will Be Fired, Talks RHOC Reunion and Says Jen Armstrong’s Marriage is “Doomed” as Teddi Weighs in

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Tamra Judge Talks RHOC Reunion Seating Chart and Why She Thinks Noella will Be Fired, Plus Says Jen Armstrong’s Marriage is “Doomed” as Teddi Weighs in

RHOC and RHOBH alums Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp are weighing in on the latest controversial season of The Real Housewives of Orange County on their Two T’s in a Pod podcast.

After production photos of the RHOC season reunion leaked earlier this week, Tamra had quite a few opinions to share on the seating arrangements and what it could possibly mean for the ladies’ futures on the show.

RHOC Season 16 Reunion Taping

“I’m still obsessed with this seating chart. Noella [Bergener] I felt like brought more than most of the girls here and she’s on the end, which only leads me to believe that she is going to be fired,” Tamra stated.

Teddi agreed, saying she was never seated on the end of the couch. (But you were fired regardless, remember that part of the story, dear?)

Tamra also admits that while her on and off again friend Shannon Beador looked great and “lost weight,” she was shocked she was sitting next to Andy Cohen instead of Noella as she brought more storylines and drama to the table than the other castmates.

“Shannon has done nothing all season long so I’m totally shocked she’s next to Andy,” Tamra said.

Over on Reddit, fans seemed to mostly agree with Tamra.

One Redditor wrote, “Surprised they put Noella at the end. Yes, she’s a newbie but she’s provided a lot more drama than Emily and even Shannon.”

Another added, “Why are the reunion seats so weird lately, Noella should not be on the end. She brought more than Emily, same goes for Meredith on Salt Lake City and then Kyle got first seat on Beverly Hills despite not bringing much to the show. Like give the ones who entertain us better seats rather than superiority to show veterans, it’s weird.”

However, back in 2018, Bravo producer Lisa Shannon shared some info about how the seating arrangements are made.

“It’s usually whomever has the bigger story that season is gonna be the one that sits next to Andy. And we take into consideration, obviously, who’s not friendly at that moment. So that’s how the couches get divided. And then we also take into account who will be fighting or conversing with one another across the couches,” she stated.

The way seating the shows works now seems extremely contradictory to her statement back then. This just gives more weight to the rumors that certain cast members, like RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel, have an “inside” deal with producers.

Teddi and Tamra also had some hot takes on RHOC star Dr. Jennifer Armstrong and husband Ryne Holliday’s marriage, calling it “doomed.”

“Take a page out of my rule book, my playbook I should say, when your marriage is that bad get into the back of the limo and say ‘I want a divorce!’ Because they are doomed. I’m sorry, they are doomed,” Tamra said on the podcast.

Viewers have watched the couple’s marital troubles and treatment of one another throughout the latest season of the RHOC.

Teddi had her own take on the relationship, saying it confuses her.

“This is the part that I didn’t understand. She kept saying, ‘I feel like, I’m showing kindness,’ and I’m like you’re constantly riding that guy’s a**,” Teddi shared

Tamra chimed in, saying Jen is “b**ching at [Ryne] all the time.” She also believes that there are two scenarios that could be playing out on the show. One, he’s disgruntled because he’s uncomfortable being filmed. Two, he really doesn’t have love for Jen.

“First of all, let me just tell you, I really feel like it’s a toss-up. Does Ryne, Ryan whatever his name is, not want to film, or is he really not loving his wife?” she concluded.

You can catch more of Tamra and Teddi on their podcast Two T’s in a Pod here.

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