Teresa Guidice’s Fiancé Luis Ruelas Sued by Another Vendor For $44K, Plus Details of Lawsuits Over Alleged Improper Business Practices Revealed, Could This Be a Warning Sign for RHONJ Star?

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Teresa Guidice’s Fiancé Luis Ruelas Sued for Improper Business Practices, Details Revealed, Could This be a Warning Sign for RHONY Star?

Well, this may certainly pop Teresa Giudice’s “love bubble.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s fiancé, Luis Ruelas, has been embroiled in and followed by multiple lawsuits in recent years for improper business practices. I think the “warrior video” is the least of his troubles at the moment.

In addition to a $113,000 lawsuit by one of his company’s produce vendors, The Sun is reporting Luis’s company faced another lawsuit by a different vendor who alleged they were owed $44,000.

Northeast Banana Corp sued the company Produce Depot, Luis, and a business partner in February of 2021.

The lawsuit alleged: “Between on or about November 30, 2020 and December 14, 2020, NBC sold and delivered to Produce Depot in interstate commerce wholesale quantities of produce, including bananas, plantains, and pineapples, in the aggregate principal amount of at least $44,490.”

Luis’s business partner allegedly made “repeated promises” that Produce Depot would “make certain post-default payments for amounts due,” but Northeast Banana Company claims it “has not received” the payments.

Page Six has also obtained copies of legal documents that show at least 3 complaints against Luis’s companies throughout 2021. Most deal with illegal Telemarketing practices that violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

According to legal experts, the act “restricts telemarketing certain phone calls, text messages, and facsimiles. It also places restrictions on the use of automatic dialing systems and artificial or prerecorded voice messages.”

A law that Luis has allegedly violated multiple times.

The first lawsuit came in early 2021 from Plaintiff Graham Hooper who accused Luis’ company Digital Media Solutions for “unsolicited text messaging with no regard for consumers’ privacy rights.”

Graham sued the company for $500 for “invasion and privacy and annoyance” which “caused disruption to his daily life.”

Ultimately, in October of 2021 Graham dismissed his case.

It should be noted that his suit was part of a class action lawsuit, with all plaintiffs suing for similar damages.

Like a woman named Kelly Schultz who claims Luis’ company pulled her name from the Do Not Call Registry and caused her “annoyance, nuisance, and invasion of privacy, and disturbed the use and enjoyment of her phone, in addition to the wear and tear on the phone’s hardware (including the phone’s battery) and the consumption of memory on the phone.”

Her case was also dismissed. But not before a third plaintiff named Aaron L. Johnson who claimed damages in the same nature as the former two. Claiming he received “unsolicited calls” that caused a “great deal of frustration and inconvenience.”

Aaron also sued for $500 in damages for each unsolicited call. It’s unknown exactly how many calls he received from DMS.

As of March 2022, this case is still ongoing though DMS denies all allegations.

Another case that remains open is between DMS and an Illinois based insurance company called Insurance King Agency, Inc. who claims DMS of “copyright infringement “and “false advertisements.”

The attorneys for the plaintiff argued in a notice sent in May 2021 to DMS that when internet users typed “insurance king” in the search bar, they were brought to an ad which made a “false association” with their client and offered a $19 a month insurance quote.

“We have found no evidence to suggest that you in fact offer car insurance for $19 a month as advertised,” the plaintiff further stated.

DMS has denied all allegations under The Fair Use Law.

And it just keeps going folks, Luis and his other company Produce Depot is being sued by C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. for failing to pay and “refused to pay for the commodities It ordered, received, and accepted” from them “despite due demand.”

Luis’s company is claiming they are “not individuals which are or were in custody, control or management” of the produce business. They’ve also asked the judge to dismiss this case. Recently, Produce Depot, has been sued by C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc  for $113,000 and as a result Luis’ company Produce Depot has filed for bankruptcy.

All of this seems to be coming out since Luis and Teresa’s engagement which can’t be good. Maybe her friends and castmates were rightfully concerned about the man she is getting married to. I would definitely be signing that pre-nuptial agreement now.

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