RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Reacts to Joe Benigno Rumor, Suggests Luis’ Camp Believes Men Are “Inherently Abusive,” and Explains Concern Over Video

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RHONJ's Margaret Josephs Reveals Luis' Video Camp Allegedly Believes Men Are "Inherently Abusive" and That "Critical Race Theory" Doesn't Exist, Plus Reacts to Joe Benigno Rumor

Credit: Bravo, Instagram/TeresaGiudice

Margaret Josephs is speaking out about her concern regarding the bizarre video released of Luis Ruelas shirtless at a self-improvement camp for men that is making waves on recent episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a series of posts shared to her Instagram Story on Thursday night, Margaret explained why she found the clip of Teresa Giudice‘s now-fiancé to be so worrisome and revealed some shocking details regarding the supposed beliefs of the program.

“This is why I questioned the video he can explain not a big deal,” Margaret captioned a snippet of an article about the “bootcamp for men” on February 24.

In the article, a paragraph read, “Controversially, he believes that without an outlet for primal energy, men ‘go ballistic and beat women. A guy is suppressed with anger that he has no healthy release for,’ said White,” seemingly referring to Garrett J. White, who is the founder of the Wake Up Warrior program.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs Explains Why Luis Ruelas Video Was So Concerning

In her second Story post, Margaret responded to a Bravo fan account, who suggested she was overreacting about the video.

“Watching the [RHONJ: After Show] and I don’t get why [Margaret Josephs] finds the Luis video so extremely uncommon. Weird, Yes. But Luis is not the first nor the last person to seek a ‘treatment’ for their BS… For example, Marg is often stretching that face as a way to better herself… We’re all looking for an outlet to better ourselves in this joke called life,” the fan page had written.

“Better yourself lol I guess if you dial into the narrative that men are inherently abusive?” Margaret asked. “I don’t.”

She then added more shocking details about the camp, saying, “Or the founder thinks critical race theory doesn’t exist.”

Margaret also reshared a response from another fan, who appeared to take aim at Teresa.

“What I am not going to do as a creator is to STAN someone so hard I bring other women down while aligning with someone like Louis,” she wrote.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs is Not Buying That Men Are Inherently Abusive

Also on her Story, Margaret fought back against a claim made by the Bravo fan page, who suggested Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno, was having an affair with Lexi Barbuto, her longtime creative director and Caviar Dreams Tuna Fish Budget co-host.

“Anyone else [find] it weird how throughout her time, the assistant looks more and more like Margaret and this girl from ‘I’m from Greenwich’ to a Margaret lookalike. And she’s always caught on camera next to the Marg’s Joe… And there was a blind about another east coast housewife’s husband having an affair aside from Jen’s,” their post had stated.

In response, Margaret slammed the Bravo fan as a “coward blogger” and pointed out Joe is like a father to Lexi.

“Accusing Lexi our family of sleeping with Joe, the man who gave her away at her wedding, the man her son calls grandpa. The hate is real for me but this is not happening,” she declared.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs Shades Coward Blogger for Suggesting Lexi is Sleeping With Joe

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