90 Day Fiancé’s Usman Sojaboy Admits He Still Loves His Ex Zara and Questions Relationship With Kim, Plus Why She Wants Him to Have a Second Wife

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90 Day Fiance's Usman Talks To His Ex Zara While He Questions His Relationship With Kim

Oh, the tangled webs we weave…and 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day’s star Usman “Sojaboy” Umar (32) is finding out the truth behind that common saying, the hard way.  Previews for next weeks’ 90 Day episode reveal that Usman’s ex-girlfriend Zara, might not be as out of the picture as he made it seem. And not only does it look like she is not in the past, but the previews make it seem like she might even become part of his future.

In case you don’t recall, Zara is the ex-girlfriend that Usman wrote a song about and then brought his new potential girlfriend Kim Menzies (50) out to help film the music video for. Usman, Usman, Usman.  When Kim had asked Usman about the title of the song, he had told her that it was just a name he had randomly selected. But after a very cute tour of one of the Tanzanian gardens that went very awry, Usman admitted the truth to Kim.

He revealed that not only was the song named after his ex-girlfriend but that he was also still with Zara when he first began talking to Kim.  Kim was furious and not even an entire day after making their relationship official, it looked like the two might call it quits as Kim packed up her things to leave. But a surprise dinner and serenade by Usman seemed to alleviate Kim’s fears and the two rekindled their romance for Kim’s final night in Africa.

But with Kim safely on her way back to the U.S., the clip reveals Usman dialing up his ex Zara via Facetime. During the clip, he tells Zara he’s in Tanzania shooting the video for the song he wrote about her, conveniently leaving out any info about Kim. Usman had previously explained that while he “loved” Zara, she had not been able to handle his career and so she had ended things with him. Could it be possible that there are still some unresolved feelings there?  The clip seems to confirm there might be as Usman asks Zara if there is anything she misses about him.  Yikes.

Usman also admits he has some doubts about his relationship with Kim, saying that “sometimes Kimberly wants things in her own way,” and continues that he feels like he has to compromise to keep the peace in the relationship, which causes him to be concerned. Usman explains this is why he is trying to get “clarity” around his past relationship with Zara.  It seems like Kim and Usman’s already rocky relationship is about to get even rougher.

Kim is a San Diego native, who is almost 20 years Usman’s senior, which seems to be a trend in this season with their costars Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca also having a significant age difference, of 30 years!  Kim first saw Usman when he was previously on 90 Day Fiance and married to his now ex-wife Lisa Hamme.

When Usman and Lisa divorced, Kimberly reached out to tell Usman about how much she enjoyed his music and soon the two struck up a digital romance. Usman, a Nigerian native, then invited Kim to join him in Tanzania while he filmed a music video, and the rest is history. We’ve watched the couple struggle through cultural differences around public displays of affection, physical intimacy, relationship definitions, and more. And while Kim initially had stated she was alright with Usman potentially taking on additional wives, as is a Nigerian custom, in order for him to start a family, when she found out about the existence of Zara, it seemed Kim’s laid back ways around the topic seemed to disappear.

Will Usman decide this relationship just isn’t for him, or will Kim pick up on the fact that Zara is not as much of a part of Usman’s past as he may have made it seem? With the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days finale and Tell All in sight, who knows what secrets and endings might be revealed!