Melissa Gorga Hints at “New Blood” on RHONJ Season 13 as Joe Reveals Why He’s Back on Show, Plus They React to Ramona Leaking Teresa’s Wedding Invitation

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Melissa Gorga Hints at “New Blood” Amid Filming on Season 13 as Joe Reveals Why He’s Back on Show, Plus They React to Ramona Leaking Teresa’s Wedding Invitation

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Throughout the years, Melissa and Joe Gorga have feuded on and off with Teresa Giudice, his only sister. During the season 12 reunion of Real Housewives of New Jersey, the family engaged in a screaming match, which culminated in Joe’s threat to quit the show.

One of their (many) problems involved Teresa’s upcoming wedding with Luis Ruelas. According to the reunion, the OG failed to ask Melissa to be a bridesmaid.

At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Joe and Melissa told Extra they were glad the reunion was over. “I was so happy, I was doing jumping jacks,” said Joe.

Unfortunately, the Bravo stars are back in the limelight. “The cameras are already out and we’re filming again [for season 13],” revealed the mother-of-three. “It’s like a cycle that never ends.”

Rachel Lindsay (Extra’s interviewer) asked Joe, “So you didn’t quit?”

Melissa responded, “He came back, he came back, and he came back. Andy begged for him, he came back.”

Joe then clarified, “I only came back for Andy.”

How far is production into season 13? “We literally just started,” explained Melissa, and she hinted at possible new castmates. “Hopefully we see some new faces — that’s what I’m excited about. I love to get, like, some new faces, some new, some new blood, some new rookies to come out.”

“We wanna suck their blood,” Joe said jokingly.

“We need some new families to torture!” responded Melissa.

What was Melissa’s reaction to Ramona Singer leaking Teresa’s wedding invitation? “I could not even believe it,” said Melissa. “And the way she was, like, talking so freely about it and then just shows it to the camera… Who does that…? Like, I was, I could not believe it. I couldn’t.”

She also revealed, “Teresa had to change a lot of stuff about that now.”

Because of the leak, Melissa said, “People are very into, like, the bridesmaid list, the guest list, which Housewives are going.”

“Can’t make this up,” explained Joe, who seemed shocked by Ramona’s disclosure. “Why is reality TV so great? [Because you] can’t make it up.”

Ramona is the queen of putting her foot in her mouth — a phrase she uses repeatedly. But did her latest blunder affect her friendship with Teresa, who lives across the river? According to Teresa, the answer is no.

The bridge, it seems, is unburned.