‘RHUGT’ Taylor Armstrong Reacts to Brandi Glanville’s Shocking Comment About Ex Russell’s Death as Brandi Speaks

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'RHUGT' Taylor Armstrong is “Shocked” by Brandi Glanville’s Comments About Ex-Husband Russell's Death as Brandi Speaks

On Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, two of the castmates have a darker history than the others. Taylor Armstrong and Brandi Glanville — alums from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — clashed 10 years ago in season two after the tragic death of Taylor’s husband Russell.

At the time, Brandi shaded Taylor for writing a book about her experience. Then, on RHUGT (which just dropped on Peacock), Brandi doubled down, saying she didn’t know what was ‘real’ regarding Taylor’s abuse allegations. Brandi also said season two was the hardest of her life, seemingly ignoring what Taylor went through.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Taylor opened up about the RHUGT drama.

“You’re gonna see some ups and downs with us, and I think that we have such a long history that there are some tensions,” said the 51-year-old. “But also, in some respects, we have a bit of a family feeling with one another, so it’s almost like fighting with your sister.”

Taylor shared she was “kind of speechless” after Brandi’s comments on the trip.

“I couldn’t believe that she was actually saying that that was like the hardest year of her life after everything that I went through and my daughter went through — I was just really taken aback,” said Taylor. “I never saw that coming. She didn’t have a relationship with Russell. And so I still am shocked actually, as you can tell.”

Taylor also discussed Brandi’s claim of not knowing what was ‘real.’

“That is really hard for me, especially because I am so actively involved in domestic violence prevention and working with survivors and victims, and I speak all over the place and I am very public about my advocacy,” said Taylor. “That is the worst thing that you can do to a victim — to doubt them or to ever suggest that they might be making something up.”

“If I’m gonna make something up, I’m gonna make up something good about myself! Not that I’m in an abusive relationship,” she said jokingly.

In a recent interview with the same outlet, Brandi expressed her belief that Taylor “had more issues with me than I have with her… Like, I think we’re fine. I don’t know. I don’t know her that well.”

The podcast host described the trip as “almost a queen bee off.”

“I’m like, ‘I do not need to be the queen bee, you guys can fight over that all you want,'” said Brandi. “I feel like it was more of, like, who’s more popular? It was really silly. Like, this is not a popularity contest. We’re not in high school.”

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club premiered on Thursday, June 23, on Peacock.