‘RHOC’ Gina Kirschenheiter’s Boyfriend Travis Mullen Reaches Custody Agreement With Estranged Wife After Accusing Her of Assault

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‘RHOC’ Star Gina Kirschenheiter’s Boyfriend Travis Mullen Reaches Custody Agreement With Ex-Wife After Accusing Her of Assault

There’s great news for Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina Kirschenheiter’s boyfriend, Travis Mullen. He’s finally reached a custody agreement after filing a police report against his ex-wife, Meghan Mullen, on May 8, claiming that Meghan was intentionally keeping his children away from him.

In new legal documents obtained by Radar Online, it seems Travis and Meghan got their custody arrangements back on track as of June 23 with both parties signing an agreement.

According to the documents, Travis may now spend time with his three children, Presley, 10, Bennett, 8, and Joseph, 5.

In the agreement, Travis will pick up his eldest child, daughter Presley, and drop her off at home “curbside,” meaning he’s not allowed to exit the vehicle while Meghan is present. No other details were given regarding Travis’ two younger children — only that he is allowed to spend quality time with them.

However, with Presley, there are special conditions.

The documents read, “After picking up Presley…Travis and Presley will share a meal or an activity.”

The courts also made it clear that Travis and Meghan must attend co-parent counseling for the sake of their children.

The legal documents continue by stating, “Co-parenting therapy must be considered as peaceful contact related to the minor children. The goal is to have the parents work together.”

This all comes after Travis filed a police report for a misdemeanor battery charge against his ex-wife for allegedly assaulting him. Meghan has adamantly denied his claims.

Meghan fired her next round of allegations against Travis and Gina for allegedly providing a toxic home for the pair’s children.

Meghan alleged, “Our children may be living in a home where they are witnessing domestic violence.”

Meghan continued her accusations against Travis and Gina by claiming that during a verbal argument between the couple, Gina pushed Travis down a flight of stairs with their children witnessing the incident.

Gina and sources have vehemently denied the incident ever taking place.

Meghan then took it a step further by bringing up the RHOC star’s 2019 DUI arrest during the custody dispute. “I am concerned about Gina’s behavior and drinking. She received a DUI in 2019 where she lost her driver’s license,” she alleged in the documents obtained by Radar.

While the couple has taken a step in the right direction in successfully co-parenting their three children, Meghan is still facing criminal charges over the alleged assault of Travis.