Meghan King Says ‘Horrible’ Relationship With Ex Jim Edmonds Is “Detrimental” to Kids as RHOC Alum’s Marriage to Cuffe Owens is Annulled, Plus Update on Former Nanny

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Meghan King Says Relationship with Ex Jim Edmonds Is “Detrimental” to The Kids, and Claims Former Nanny Is Back in His Employment

In May of last year, Meghan King and Jim Edmonds finalized their bitter divorce. Around that time, it was reported that Jim was cheating on her with multiple women and it was his desire to end the marriage.

One of his alleged paramours was Carly Wilson, a former nanny of the Real Housewives of Orange County stars. Both sides, however, have accused the other of lying.

In an interview for Caroline Stanbury’s Divorced Not Dead podcast, Meghan revealed that her relationship with Jim has worsened since last May.

“We have [a worse] relationship than we did when we split up,” said the star, via Page Six. “It’s horrible. It’s so detrimental for the kids [and] for us as individuals. It sucks.”

Meghan also shared that she learned of Jim’s divorce plans via the tabloids.

“Can you believe that? I also found out he was cheating on me from a tabloid,” she said. “He left me on a Friday and on Saturday it was in the tabloids that he was divorcing me.”

According to the star, their former nanny “is back,” and she is “sleeping at his house currently.”

Because of their contentious relationship, the exes communicate via a court-ordered application called Our Family Wizard.

“It makes me feel safer because it makes me feel like the verbal abuse will be toned down a little bit more,” said Meghan. “Unfortunately, and shockingly, that’s not always the case, but it does give me a little bit more solace knowing that I have eyes that can be on it.”

Despite their 14-year age difference, Meghan claimed she was the more “mature one” in their marriage.

“I think that maybe perhaps he was damaged, or individuals who act like he does, maybe they’re so damaged at some point in their life that they can’t grow to see outside of themselves,” said the RHOC alum.

In spite of their problems, Meghan hopes she and Jim can eventually have a good relationship for their kids. “Maybe there’s still hope there. I’m never going to stop holding out hope,” she explained. “Baby steps. I would love to be able to communicate amicably. I would love to sit at a parent-teacher conference and sit with him and chat about our kids.”

As of now, Meghan said she’s “outnumbered all day everyday” by the three children.

The star is currently dating a businessman named Trevor Colhoun, according to Page Six. Recently, a source told the outlet that “Meghan and Trevor are keeping things private… But they are very happy in their new relationship.”

Meghan also shared that her marriage to Cuffe Biden Owens, which lasted about two months, starting on the heels of her divorce with Jim, is now officially annulled. “I was very confused by the whole [relationship], but I’m just glad that it was short and sweet and it’s done and it’s annulled,” she revealed, via People. “The end. I put it behind me.”

According to Meghan, she “didn’t ever want to get married again, but it was important to him… We rushed into it… Like I said earlier, I’m a lover and I want everybody to be happy,” she added. “I learned some big lessons from that mistake. I’m sure he did as well.”

Now, Meghan’s approach to dating is a little different. “I have a whole lot of love to give, and these bad relationships that I’ve been in haven’t knocked me down,” she said. “And that’s just who I am, I feel like I’m resilient. I want to give my whole heart, but I think I’m a little bit more guarded than I was in the past.”