Peter Thomas Shares Where He Stands With Ex Cynthia Bailey Today, Talks RHOA, Nene and Phaedra, and Dubs Kenya as “Smartest Housewife”

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Peter Thomas Shares How He Helped Ex Cynthia Get on RHOA and Where They Stand Today, Talks Nene and Phaedra, and Dubs Kenya as “Smartest Housewife”

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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Peter Thomas, who was previously married to RHOA alum Cynthia Bailey, recently sat down with well-known reality TV producer Carlos King on his podcast. He didn’t hold back on revealing details from his time on the show, and it is eye-opening.

Speaking on Reality With the King, Peter claimed that he was the driving force behind getting Cynthia on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, saying she was “terrified” to join the show.

“Cynthia did not want to do the show. She knew nothing of the show,” Peter explained. “She was scared. She didn’t want to do it, she was terrified.”

Peter elaborated, “I had to talk her into it. The first time they filmed her she wasn’t impressive. I sat her down and said, ‘You gotta tell these people who the f**k you are. Stop playing.’”

He also claimed that he “coached” Cynthia for “three years.” And he said he was responsible for her rise to fame in the world of reality TV.

Carlos revealed that Cynthia used “be mad” at Peter for “stealing scenes,” taking camera time away from her, and “interfering” with her relationship with Nene Leakes.

“I thought that was the dumbest s**t ever because I think the whole purpose while we’re [on the show] was because the money that they were paying her was because of us as a couple,” Peter said.

As for Cynthia’s relationship with Nene, Peter said that he would be on the receiving end of Cynthia’s “wrath” when the cameras weren’t rolling because of what she was experiencing from other members of the cast — specifically Nene.

“I used to wake up every morning with Nene on the phone [with Cynthia], I used to go to bed every night and they’re on the phone and I’m like, ‘Why you talking to the enemy?’” Peter claimed. “I think Nene used Cynthia to try and check me.”

He also said Nene wasn’t happy with the show showing more of the Housewives’ husbands as it took screentime away from her.

“Nene would be like, stay out women’s business, why [expletive], because I’m taking time away from you? She did not like that.”

Peter also revealed that he took up to 15% of Cynthia’s paycheck.

“You know everyone has their glam squad and stylist and hair and makeup people, and you know, I used to take 15% whenever the check came because I had to keep my s**t up also,” Peter admitted. He also stated the reason for the cut was because he needed to be compensated for his time on RHOA because it took him away from his other various businesses.

Cynthia isn’t the only Housewife Peter came to spill the tea about. He also took aim at former RHOA star Phaedra Parks.

“I didn’t like her from day one. Never did,” Peter said. “I think she’s the kind of person who throws the rock and then hides her hands. And I’m like, this chick is messy as hell… she would push Porsha [Williams] to do her dirty work.”

One RHOA wife Peter does have respect for is Kenya Moore, and he dubbed her the “smartest female on the show.”

When Carlos asked if Peter thought Kenya Moore was the “smartest woman in reality television,” Peter replied, “For sure.”

“[Kenya] get this s**t. She doesn’t take it personal. She understands that it’s a job, most of these women she wouldn’t be friends with in real life,” Peter told the podcaster.

“She understands what comes along with being on camera. I love the way [Kenya] looks at it as a business.”

Peter recalled Kenya telling him right before they were about to do a scene that she was going to “blow his f***ing head off.”

“I really liked that,” Peter said, laughing. “I’d be like, you got me. I can’t wait to get you back!”

Going back to Cynthia, Peter said that the two speak every so often “just to check in.” He also stated that if he were to do another reality show, it would have to be something he “actually wanted to do” as his restaurants are doing “extremely well.”

There you have it, straight from Peter’s mouth. Thoughts on his claims?

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