RHOA Recap: Ross Curses at Kenya After She Criticizes Wife Sanya, Plus Drew Suffers Foot Injury and Kandi Refuses Marlo’s Apology

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RHOA Recap: Drew gets injured during the track meet with Marlo and Ross gets upset when Sanya receives criticism over her trip

We are on day two of the Jamaica trip for our Real Housewives of Atlanta. Will Kandi regain control of this messy group and keep Marlo in line on this trip? Will they ruin another girls’ trip and have Sanya send them back to Atlanta? We will have to watch and see!

Sanya is planning to take the ladies to Kingston to do some sightseeing of her beautiful island. She also will be taking them to a track that she has run on. Kandi and Todd discuss what Marlo did and said the night before, and they are both super annoyed. She is done with her now after what she pulled at dinner. Todd attributes it to insecurity, and you can tell that they both have had their feathers ruffled by Marlo.

WTH is Drew wearing? Drew’s boobs are going to fall out of that top if she intends on running in a track meet. She used to be a track star and will be racing Marlo today. Marlo is already running late, and this crap seems to be a recurring theme in this episode. We then get a clip from the night before. Marlo was calling Drew her counselor when Drew was attempting to calm her the f*ck down and try to talk some reason into her. Marlo first apologizes to Ralph for attacking him over not adopting Josiah.

Kenya gets a phone call from the ladies to get her ETA, and she claims she is late because she did not eat the night before. Production shows Kenya taking her sweet time in her room, and it literally has nothing to do with food. Kenya is busy taking photos of the beach, and she finally tells them to leave without her.

Sanya takes the ladies to her childhood home. She sees her auntie and introduces her to the group. Todd then shares with the group that John was just going to change when he left the table the night before and was going to hit Kenya up later. Kenya must have been hungry because she may have burned some serious calories trying to get Marc out of her system. She must have been busy jerking John’s chicken the night before…

Marlo and Sheree chat about the dust-up from the night before. She thinks Kandi should have stayed out of her business, but she keeps bringing her into it. Kandi and Monyetta chat off to the side, and they both commiserate over Marlo’s hypocritical behavior. Kenya shows up two hours late — just in time to get ice cream. Sanya asks her why she has not respected the trip itinerary schedule, and Kenya lies by saying she has shown up on time, but production shows she clearly has not. Kenya blames her tardiness on Brooklyn, who does not want to talk to her dad. She is acting like Brooklyn needs her father, but Kenya is desperately trying to hang on to that relationship for herself Brooklyn. Sanya rightfully sees Kenya using this situation as a crutch, and she is looking for any way to get out of an apology.

Marlo tries to talk to Kandi by mentioning Porsha and Simon. Kandi is playing the silent game with her and will not engage. Marlo tells her that she is sorry for hurting her feelings, and Kandi wants her to keep her apologies to her motherf*cking self. Kandi is done playing with Marlo, and she has honestly made an enemy with the strongest link on this show.

We are now at the infamous track, and the Ministry of Sports is also joining them. Drew and Marlo (who is equipped with her camel toe) are going to race each other. I am at least hopeful that this might be humorous. Drew somehow crammed herself into Sanya’s USA uniform, and I hope the seams will hold together. Kandi is not willing to bet on Marlo even if she was in participating in a whore race. The race goes down to a photo finish, and it appears Marlo might have had a leg ahead. Drew thought she won and attempts a victory walk, and she then goes down in pain with her ankle. Drew is afraid she has ruptured her Achilles and appears to be in pain. Thankfully, the Ministry of Sports is there and gets Drew some immediate medical attention. She gets evaluated by a doctor and is diagnosed with a pulled Achilles, and she heads back to the hotel. Sanya invites the other ladies to her iFit shoot the next morning.

Kenya and Sheree miss the bus when it leaves to watch the filming of the iFit workout video. They both act like they were ready to go when they were clearly not on time. Marlo keeps making noise during the shoot, and Ross keeps flubbing his lines. Sanya shares that she lost her phone, so she has not spoken to anyone this morning. Kandi, who has stayed behind to work on an audition, goes and checks on Drew to see how she is feeling. She wants to have Drew do a table read with her. Drew tries to help Kandi to envision the character, and Kandi is falling asleep trying to listen to Drew’s acting advice. Drew then tells Kandi that Marlo thought Sanya was a suck-up and now acts like they are BFFs. Kandi says Marlo is messy as f*ck, and Miss Hampton has made the wrong enemy on this show.

Kenya, Sheree, Michele, and Monyetta go out on a catamaran boat ride, and the water looks beautiful. She pretends to be Sanya and poorly tries to imitate her Jamaican accent. They then launch into a dance party, and Monyetta has some wicked dance moves. Sheree shares that her line is going to be ready in three weeks, which she calls a fashion presentation. She is basically doing the bare minimum, and I do not think anyone is surprised by that revelation. Kenya is offering herself as a model for her presentation. Sheree thinks that Kenya’s video vixen days are over, and she wants classy, not trashy. Side note: Didn’t Sheree say she wanted to advertise a guy’s package outline with her joggers?

Back at the hotel, Sheree asks Sanya why she was uninvited to the shoot. Sanya is visibly pissed that they are spreading this nonsense. Sheree acts like she was on time and really wanted to be there, but production shadily shows she was chilling on the beach at 9:30 a.m. Drew then comes in a wheelchair, and they all head out to Rose Hall for dinner. The table setting and the location are gorgeous. Kandi then asks Ralph for an excerpt from his book, and you can see Drew look annoyed that he is so willing to share this with everyone but her. Ralph thinks that stepparents need some guidance, and he has appointed himself as the one to do it. Drew then gets emotional when Ralph starts reading the excerpt.

Kenya and Sheree are whispering about Sanya not inviting them, and Sanya gets wind of this. She expected Sanya to be in constant contact with them and provide them transportation to her shoot. Sanya is not in the mood to have to babysit everyone and must round up the chronically late for every excursion.

When it gets to be too much, you can see that Ross is simmering. Ross then jumps in and says he does not rock like that, and he tells them not to f*ck with his wife.

He obviously is not going to be one of the husbands who gets into the business of the women will stand by while his wife gets sh*t unnecessarily. We then get another cliffhanger ending, so we will have to see how next week pans out for our RHOA ladies. Happy Monday, Blurbers, and see you next week in Jamaica!