Below Deck Med’s Dave White Feels Betrayed by Jason Gaskell’s WWHL Comment Amid Natasha Drama, Responds to Claim That Texts Were Worse Than What Was Shown

by Adam Ragsdale
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Below Deck Med’s Dave White Reacts to Jason Gaskell’s WWHL Comment Amid Natasha Drama, Responds to Claim That Texts Was Worst Than What Was Shown

On a shady episode of Watch What Happens LiveJason Gaskell shared his true thoughts about Chef Dave White, who sent offensive text messages to Natasha Webb during their controversial romance. As the season aired, Dave apologized for his behavior, though he and Natasha are no longer in contact.

During Jason’s interview, the deckhand declared he was “100% on Natasha’s side.” The statement surprised many fans of Below Deck Mediterranean since the two castmates shared a bunk throughout most of the season.

In an interview for Another Below Deck Podcast, Chef Dave watched a clip of Jason’s comment (for the first time), and he gave his immediate reaction.

“I haven’t seen that,” revealed Dave, via Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Oh my God. I could deal with Natasha pissed me off right now, but when I moved into cabins with Jason, he was having a tough time on deck. And I supported that guy.”

Dave went on to say, “There were a few times where you’ll see in pictures where me and Jason aren’t there. That’s because I’m sitting down with him and we’re chatting. I’m actually supporting the guy. I can’t believe he said that.”

He also addressed Natasha’s claim that the texts were worse than what was shown. “I was an absolute jerk, a d*** at times [to Webb]. But that’s not the truth,” he said, alluding to Natasha’s suggestion that he received a good edit. Calling Natasha a ‘sl*t,’ he said, was his worst action.

Dave also regretted pushing Jason early in the season when he assumed the deckhand was flirting with Natasha. According to Dave, the producers depicted this accurately. “Personally, I don’t think they missed anything,” he shared. “I was blackout drunk.”

Even so, Dave was surprised by Jason’s WWHL comment, because they “bonded … like [I had] a really good relationship with Jason.”

The chef also bonded with other deck team members. “[Bosun] Storm [Smith] is really talented,” said Dave. “He’s had a really tough upbringing. To be where he is now, he’s killing it. Storm’s an absolute legend. [Mzi] Zee [Dempers] as well … and they all supported me so much throughout the season. Zee, Storm, and Courtney [Veale]. They all had my back. I actually couldn’t have done it without them.”

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently airing Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.