Andy Cohen Reveals How He Learned of Kathy Hilton’s Meltdown on RHOBH, Says He Didn’t Know Rinna Would Expose It So “Severely”

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Andy Cohen Reveals How He Learned of Kathy Hilton’s Alleged Meltdown, Says He Didn’t Know Rinna Would Expose It So "Severely"

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When the season 12 trailer of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dropped, fans became shocked and intrigued by the mystery surrounding Kathy Hilton’s behavior on the Aspen trip. But when the episode finally arrived, viewers discovered that Lisa Rinna was the only source of the supposed meltdown beyond a certain point in the evening.

According to Lisa, Kathy made threatening remarks about her sister, Bravo, and NBC. Unfortunately, no one else was present to verify the allegations, and Lisa has been accused of exaggerating the details.

On his “Radio Andy” show on SiriusXM, shared by @b**chybybravo on Twitter, producer Andy Cohen shared how it felt to know none of this was filmed.

“The truth is … I didn’t feel that much,” he said. “I didn’t know if it … I didn’t know that Rinna was going to bring it up in such a [way]. I didn’t feel any kind of way.”

A co-host then asked him, “Someone doesn’t get fired for that? Like for not getting it on camera?”

“No, because they were kind of done,” answered Andy. “I didn’t realize that Rinna was going to go to the mat about it.” The producer was then asked if Lisa exaggerated the story. “I wasn’t there to see it so I can’t say,” he explained. “But I will say I know that Lisa was really shaken up about it. I spoke to Lisa.”

Andy then revealed how he learned of the story.

“This happened about two days before I got my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” he said. “Lisa Rinna was one of the people that kind of inducted me, along with Garcelle [Beauvais] and John Mayer. And she and I spoke, and she was like, ‘It was really ugly’ … At that point, it had not really been brought up in a serious way on camera … It had not been brought up yet.”

He went on to say, “I thought that there could be a world in which it happened, they got back, whatever. And then Lisa Rinna brought it to the reunion … I knew it was gonna come up [but] I didn’t know how it was gonna come up, and how severely it would come up.”

As it now stands, Lisa’s accusations are still unverified, and the story will perhaps remain my-word-against-yours. Even so, their war is far from over as both sides continue to fight for “truth.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.