RHOBH: Rebecca Romijn Suggests Friend Lisa Rinna is “Exaggerating” Kathy Hilton Meltdown, Reacts to Her Claim of Being “LeBron James” of Housewives

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Lisa Rinna’s Friend Rebecca Romijn Suggests Lisa Is “Exaggerating” Kathy Hilton Meltdown, and Reacts to Her Claim to Be The "LeBron James" of Housewives

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Lisa Rinna’s latest social media war is against co-star Kathy Hilton, who allegedly threatened Bravo, NBC, and her own sister Kyle Richards in Aspen (according to Lisa). Many fans were — and still are — confused by the allegations, and Kathy herself shared several posts suggesting Lisa made it up.

But on a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa confronted Kathy over the alleged Aspen meltdown, and Kathy apologized for talking badly about her sister. But as Lisa pressed her to confess to the other statements, Kathy refused to back down.

In a Watch What Happens Live interview shared by Queens of Bravo, Lisa’s friend Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) opened up about the recent controversy.

Though the actress was clear that she “love[s] Lisa” and “know[s] her personally,” Rebecca was asked about her friend’s online behavior — and her claim that she’s the “LeBron James” of ‘Housewives.’

“Whoa!” the actress responded. While Rebecca admitted that Lisa’s a “solid cast member,” she also expressed, “I sometimes can’t tell if she’s exaggerating certain things.”

Rebecca then provided an example: “I don’t know about the Kathy Hilton meltdown, and her take on that.”

“Sometimes I can’t… assess her take on certain things,” she added.


Unfortunately, Lisa doesn’t take kindly to being shaded on Watch What Happens Live. In the recent past, after castmate Sutton Stracke made a similar move, Lisa released an avalanche of receipts to prove that Sutton was incorrect.

How will she respond to Rebecca’s shade?

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