Meghan King Claims Ex Jim Edmonds Insulted Her in Email to Son’s School and Didn’t Invite Their Kids to His Wedding, Jim Responds

by Josh Ramsey
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RHOC Alum Meghan King Claims Ex Jim Edmonds Didn’t Invite Their Kids to His Wedding, Accuses Him of Sending E-mail to Sons’ School Saying She “Sucks” as Jim Responds

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King and ex-husband Jim Edmond’s struggles to have a successful co-parenting relationship are still alive and well.

The most recent dispute between the former couple revolves around Jim’s Italian wedding to new wife Kortnie O’Connor. During a recent episode of her podcast, Intimate Knowledge, Meghan revealed that Jim didn’t invite any of his seven children to the nuptials, including his three children, Aspen, 5, and twin sons, Hart and Hayes, 4.

“They don’t even have passports,” Meghan said. “He didn’t even ask me to get them a passport.”

Meghan then went on to reveal that although none of his children were present at the event, he did have a nanny on hand — a fact Meghan found quite humorous.

“[It’s] interesting that he had a nanny there, but none of his seven children [were],” she continued. “There was [sic] no kids to nanny at the wedding!”

While Meghan found the nanny situation humorous, what she didn’t was Jim’s latest alleged attempt to drag Meghan’s name through the mud by making harmful remarks about her parenting to her son’s school. Meghan claims Jim sent out an email to her entire son’s class saying how much she “sucks.”

Meghan told People, “He replied to all my son’s class, a big, huge e-mail for parent-teacher sign-up sheet, and said… you can all see how much my ex-wife sucks.”

The RHOC alum also discussed the temporary restraining order she took out on Jim back in June and how it eventually was dropped and turned into a “consent order.” This means that the restraining order applied to not only Jim but to herself as well.

“We ended up turning it into a consent order that has all of the same terms as a restraining order but now it’s reciprocal, so I have to follow it as well,” Meghan explained. “I follow the rules so whatever, it doesn’t make any difference to me.”

Jim hasn’t been too keen on Meghan’s latest remarks about him, and when reached out to for comment, his rep accused Meghan of using her children to try and get attention and using them as “pawns” in attempt to stay relevant.

“Meghan has continually and intentionally harassed and disparaged Jim to get attention for herself. Then she turns around and complains that she is having difficulty co-parenting with Jim; go figure,” Jim’s rep told Page Six.

“And the unfortunate part is that she puts her own best interests above those of her children and uses them as pawns to get herself publicity. Hopefully, at some point, she will get the help she needs and decide to lead a meaningful and productive life,” concluded the statement.

Meghan and Jim were married for five years before splitting in 2019 and finalizing their divorce in 2021.