RHOBH Reunion Recap: Garcelle Leaks Text Diana Sent Her, Accuses Diana of Threatening Her and Being Behind Bots Who Went After Son, Plus Jamie Lee Curtis Makes Reunion Debut

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RHOBH Reunion Recap: Garcelle Accuses Diana of Being Behind Bots Who Went After Son, Reveals Threatening Message Costar Sent Her

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion scene is set up like the Beverly Hills Hotel. Andy calls it the “chicest” reunion despite being one housewife short. Diana is “not feeling well,” and Andy states “we hope to be checking in with her,” which translates to… demotion? Garcelle is less than pleased with Diana, considering the rumors swirling about Diana being responsible for hiring social media bots. And Rinna claims that the “angels” are protecting her (I saw Kyle‘s face — she’s not buying it) as she walks in with a manila envelope, which means girlfriend has receipts. Can these ladies keep their cool as they relive some of the toughest moments from the season?

The reunion kicks off on a lighter note. We are reminded of the silliness that ‘Homeless Not Toothless’ brought to the group, and Andy makes the ladies practice saying the name to be certain they know how to say it correctly. The best surprise is when Jamie Lee Curtis comes out to remind the world just how CHIC she can be. Jamie and Andy meet for the first time, and she shares that her charity has grown hugely since her appearance on the show. Jamie gifts all the women carved pumpkins with their faces on them. Very Halloween of her. Kyle talks about how she has known Jamie since 1978 and how much their relationship has grown into what it is today. Andy invites Jamie back any time, and she was a breath of fresh air, even though this kinda felt like a movie promo.

Andy then asks, “Can I ask a dumb question?” And Erika retorts, “When don’t you?” Ouch. Erika came ready! Andy then addresses the attack on Garcelle’s son, who received racist comments on his social media. Garcelle tells the viewers that it was cruel, especially the message that read, “If it wasn’t for your white daddy, you would have a knee on your neck.” How absolutely horrific. Rinna was the first to speak out about this situation, and all of the women talk about how much they have been threatened on social media as of late.

Andy pressures Garcelle and asks if she believes someone in the group was responsible for hiring bots to attack her children. To that, Garcelle responds yes and states that she has an investigation going on. Andy takes a moment to address the horrible things that have been happening on social media and states that “Bravo unequivocally condemns” the hate from keyboard warriors.

We get brought back to Dorit‘s home invasion and all of the emotions that came with it. Dorit tearfully relives the scary moment, and she shares that every aspect of her life has been touched because of this. She tells Andy that she feels “depleted” and is “grieving the loss” of what her life was before. Dorit talks about her momma instinct and how she only had one thing on her mind: protecting her children.