RHOP Recap: Gizelle Accuses Chris of Making Her Uncomfortable and Candiace Walks Out, Mia Leaks Gizelle’s Text and Katie Rost Comes in Hot!

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RHOP Recap- Candiace Walks Out on Gizelle After She Accuses Chris of Making Her Uncomfortable, Mia Leaks Gizelle’s Text and Katie Rost Comes in Hot!

The title of this episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac is “Allegation Nation.” Chris and Candiace’s marriage obviously has a big target on it this season. How will they deal with these allegations? Let us watch and see!

Mia is still getting called out by Gizelle about her attention-seeking post. She thinks they should appreciate that she is acknowledging that she is broken. Mia then spews some nonsense about not being able to control her personality disorder, and God has made her the chosen cancer victim. Robyn is pissed that she and Gizelle are taking the heat about questioning the cancer post because everyone was questioning it.

Karen pretends like she is okay with Charrisse attending the party — even though she was not invited by her. WOW, even Katie and Askale have made an appearance. Ray seems delighted that his crush Katie has arrived and is grabbing his a*s. Karen is watching her husband act all giddy around her. Candiace calls her green-eyed and baldheaded, but she is probably jealous since Katie is gorgeous. She is leaving soon because she was invited to the Grammys, and you can tell she could not wait to share that with the group.

Candiace mentions to Ashley that she is freezing her eggs. Wow, who knew Ashley and Candiace could share the same air space and not be verbally sparring? Wendy makes a big deal out of the fact that these two are talking. Karen gives some weird rambling speech that makes no sense to any of them or me. She really does not seem like herself these last two episodes, so not sure what is up with her — other than her perky boobs.

Karen is visiting her doctor for a post-op appointment. She is using this as an opportunity to help younger women. Karen is obviously on a mission this season to revamp her look, but claiming that she is trying to be a role model to young women is a bit of a stretch. She did not get surgery when she was younger, but she seems to be doing quite a few nips and tucks now. Karen must have taken Wendy’s surgery baton from last season and is running with it.

Candiace is having her sister Crystal live with her while she is waiting to move into her own place. I hope she does not have to sleep in the room with Dorothy’s cardboard image! Candiace chats with her about her IVF process and wants to get pregnant by the end of the year. She really wants Chris to be available for her so she has someone to cuddle with. Candiace is obviously using this as a storyline this season, but production found a better one for them.

Ashley has her friend Deborah stop over for a playdate. She claims to sleep in a separate room from Michael, aka the crypt keeper, but they still communicate with each other. Deborah nailed it when she said Michael found it to be cheaper to keep her. Ashley acknowledges that Michael is going to move someone/anyone in quickly. She is not rushing into anything since she is more interested in learning dances on TikTok. Ashley wants to teach a dance class and show them her new moves. She claims that she and Candiace are working toward having a better relationship with each other.

Gizelle and Robyn have a chat, and Robyn has finally found out she has a backbone and wants to pick it with Gizelle. She seems to have finally found her voice this season and has stopped being Gizelle’s lap dog. Robyn is annoyed that Gizelle shared that she and Juan did not buy their house together. She claims Juan has poor credit and the interest rate would have been much higher as a result. Gizelle acknowledges that she slipped up with that. She then admits she may have gone too far with Mia and wants to apologize for her horrible delivery — by text.

Robyn shares that Ashley told her that she got a DM from Chris to come hang out at the W. She is uncomfortable with this two a.m. invitation when Candiace was not there. Robyn is giving Chris the benefit of the doubt because he is a chef at the restaurant. Chris apparently saw Ashley’s Instagram Story and invited her and a friend to the hotel. Gizelle gets messages from Chris, aka sneaky link, which makes her uncomfortable. She does not want to be in a closed room with a married man who had been drinking. Gizelle is projecting what happened in her marriage onto Candiace IMO. Can you just imagine what went on in closed rooms with Pastor Holy Whore?

Mia, Gordon, and Jacqueline meet up for lunch. She is a high school friend who has been dependable. Jacqueline is a part of their throuple, but allegedly no sex is involved. Mia shares that she needs to get more cancer testing done and her results are inconclusive at this point. Jacqueline expected Mia’s friends to be more supportive and singles out Gizelle for being very insensitive. She thinks that Karen was covering her own a*s by letting Gizelle ask all the questions. Mia knew that these ladies had been talking sh*t about her — including her friend, Karen.

Ashley and Candiace meet at a place called Swingers, which I found amusing. Candiace used her Grammys invite to do some networking and make some connections. She is planning to relaunch her album, Deep Space. Ashley decides to throw Candiace a shady morsel about Chris sending her a DM at two a.m. Candiace looks totally caught off guard and pissed. She thinks that Ashley misunderstood this message, but Ashley suggests that Chris may have found her attractive and was just flirting. Candiace seems to have her Spidey senses going off, and she clearly smells there is something in the Potomac air, and her husband is what is causing the stench. She quickly defends Chris and says he is trying to rebrand the W and inviting more people to drum up business.  Ashley then invites the very wary Candiace to her dance class and mentions that Karen is sitting this one out since she is sick recovering from another procedure.

Charrisse joins the ladies at the dance class, and the other ladies think that Karen did not come because she did not want to see her since she has been dodging her calls to go to lunch. Gizelle decides to then call Ashley out about her divorce story. She is not buying it since they are buying a house together. Ashley then tosses out how she reconciled with Jamal after they were divorced. She obviously does not want to take any sh*t from someone who was pushing that fraud of a relationship. Gizelle further pushes and wants to know if they have reunited, and Ashley claims they have not but have been amicable with each other.

Ashley mentions that she might get back together with Michael, but she needs his wallet help to buy her a house. Dr. Wendy runs in and must mention how she is so busy chaperoning her son’s field trip and then doing commentary on the new Supreme Court Justice. She is low-key this season so far but cannot help herself when she sees an opportunity to toot her own horn. Side note: Is it just me or did it look like everyone was just doing their own thing in this class and not following the instructor? They reminded me of my daughter’s dance class when she was five and the kids were not in sync with each other.

Gizelle then decides to pull Candiace aside and let her know her husband has taken on the Michael Darby role this season. She tells her about what happened with Ashley. Gizelle then mentions the conversation at the reunion where he pulled her aside to a room where they could be alone. She acts like she is such a hot commodity and everyone is after her. Chris has made her feel uncomfortable, and she wants Candiace to know about it.

Candiace starts getting heated and it looks like her wig is going to blow off when she sees where this is going. She reminds Gizelle that Chris sees them all as friends and like sisters. Chris has cooked for them in their home and would even lay a coat over a puddle for them. Wow, that is some chivalry!

Candiace then storms out of the building and wants to talk to Eric, who is the executive producer of the show. She reminds him that they are picking on the wrong husband and Chris is no Michael Darby. Candiace clearly is not going to let them get away with making Chris their target, but she needs to remember that she signed up for this!

Next week, we will witness the fallout from this event and see how the teams line up. Have a marvelous Monday, and see you all next week in Potomac!