RHOBH Reunion Recap 2: Rinna Admits to Throwing Garcelle’s Book in Trash as Andy Calls Her Out for Having No Impulsive Control, Plus Kyle and Crystal Butt Heads

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RHOBH Reunion Part 2: Rinna Admits She Threw Garcelle’s Book in Trash, Asked to be Put on “Pause” as She’s Called Out for Having No Impulsive Control, Plus Kyle and Crystal Butt Heads

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion continues, and it’s only just heating up. Garcelle continues to go toe-to-toe with Diana regarding the social media posts, Rinna‘s behavior gets called out, and Garcelle’s book is a hot topic. Who would have ever thought recycling would be such a hot topic for these ladies?! Plus, we prepare for Kathy to join the group, making things, in the words of Sutton, “tricky dicky.”

Garcelle tells Diana to stop harassing her on social media. Diana scoffs at that and then ponders which is the harsher word, the “C-word or evil.” Naturally, Rinna and Erika believe that it is worse to call someone evil because they just like being on the other side of history. Diana rattles off the names she has been called this season. Sutton makes it clear that she “doesn’t need to clear anything up” with their “non-relationship.”

Diana states that she has filed lawsuits in L.A. County, and she promises to get justice for Jax. Diana explains that the suit is filed against John Doe and says that her lawyers are going to be “very busy.” Diana reminds us that because she has money, she can get to the bottom of the social media mess. Erika claims that Diana’s intentions are “really good,” but Garcelle tells the viewers that although she is hurt, she is not putting info on social media about Diana.

While on a break for lunch, Erika chats with her bestie, Rinna. They can’t wrap their minds around Garcelle’s accusation that Diana paid for bots to harass her son. The division that this causes in the group is deep, according to Erika and Rinna.

Meanwhile, Sutton checks in on Garcelle and applauds her for holding it down during the Jax talk. Garcelle promises she will not stop until she finds out who bought those bots. They also discuss Crystal‘s conversation that happened earlier, which alluded to the fact that Sutton was a racist. Sutton was happy to see the other women’s support and is thrilled to have this all behind her.

Dorit talks with Kyle and believes that Crystal is struggling to admit that she “embellished” the Sutton comments. They think that she is now covering her you know what/backtracking because “this is what happens when you don’t tell the truth — you can’t keep your stories straight.”

After some lunch, the group gets back on the couch, and we hear about Kyle’s new ink. Kyle is so hip, and Mo is “thrilled” about the tats. A whole segment runs about the OG Kyle, and we are reminded that although she is the number one sh*t stirrer, she is also a family woman.

Andy asks if Kyle is getting jealous of the MO-mance between PK and Mauricio. Kyle addresses the rumors of swapping and infidelities between her and Dorit, but she simply laughs them off. Erika then shares a story about PK before he met Dorit. While at the World Cup, a man came up to Erika and her friend and asked, “Are you two chicks in porn?” Erika claims it was PK and he was being “sassy.” Dorit was not amused.

Andy asks Garcelle how it feels to be a proud owner of a Birkin. Garcelle shares that the $13,000 bag sat on her kitchen table for fear that something would happen to it. Her beach house is slowly but surely getting built — just like her empire. Her new book is out, and Andy asks her about the Bill Cosby portion.

Garcelle shares that Bill Cosby had called her modeling agency, and so she got a small part on his show. An 18-year-old Garcelle was invited to Cosby’s townhouse, and he offered her a drink. After that sip, her gut told her to get out and she ran. Crazy!

Andy then asks, “Erika, did you at least skim Garcelle’s book before you chucked it in the trash?” And then Rinna drops a bombshell. She admits she was the one who dropped the book in the trash, although it was posted to Erika’s social media. The catalyst? “Garcelle and I had a handshake agreement — the kids were off limits,” but Garcelle put Rinna’s daughter, Amelia, in HER book. Garcelle shares that Amelia’s lawyer called her and they came out with a second, amended addition.

Rinna admits that she sent the video of the book in the garbage to the group chat (that Garcelle was not included in). Erika was p*ssed because Garcelle used a not-so-flattering video clip of Erika on her social media, and so, she decided to post the video — thus catching the fan backlash and hate — even though it was really RINNA’S video. Typical Rinna. Letting someone else do her dirty work.

Andy asks, “Do you recycle? Cuz in that trash can…” Rinna jumps in to say there has been a whole “redoing” of recycling at the Hamlin household, and Erika seems more upset that she got hate for the recycling. Rinna feels worse about how much sh*t Erika got for recycling, but not for the action itself.

Andy brings up how Lisa Vanderpump made a comment about Erika and the book, and to that, Erika retorts, “That’s rich coming from you whose breath smells of garlic, chardonnay, and cigarettes.” Ooph, Erika. I don’t think she should be making claims like that against LVP. Garcelle shares that because her son has recently gotten a job with LVP, she has seen her and has been in contact with her.

Rinna tearfully rewatches the segment about her mother’s passing and explains that maybe she should have taken some time off. She apologizes for being crazy and explains that there was a sense of closure after Lois’ July ceremony. Some wonder if Rinna was using her mother’s death as a scapegoat, and to that, Rinna claims that it has been a very “confusing, all over the place” time. Makes you wonder what Rinna’s excuse was for her awful behavior every other season…

Kyle felt that Sutton’s behavior was “flippant” regarding Dorit’s home invasion, and Sutton claims that it was the worst thing she ever said in her life. Sutton says she will regret saying it forever, and Dorit lets her know that’s what she needed to hear from Sutton. Kyle gets called out for getting physical with Sutton, and Sutton explains that Kyle pulled “quite aggressively.”

Garcelle says that Sutton does make things a little bit about herself, and Erika follows up by saying that Sutton obstructs the group from getting to know Garcelle. And THAT’S why she called Sutton a liability. Crystal jumps in to remind everyone that the four ladies protect each other way more than Garcelle and Sutton stand by one another.

Sutton claims she had no idea that the WWHL segment would blow up the way that it did, and it was more meant to call out a “thank you” — not hurt Harry and Rinna. Sutton wonders why Rinna hates her so much, and Rinna states that she “definitely doesn’t hate” her. Sutton is tired of being Rinna’s punching bag and tells her, “I don’t consider you a friend. How can I?” Rinna’s mixed signals have Sutton feeling all over the place, and so she demands an apology from Rinna. Rinna states, “I am sorry I took my pain, anger, sadness, and fear out on you.”

Andy tells Rinna her social media is “disastrous” and that she has “no impulse control.”  He calls her out for the negative attention, and Andy states he gives her anxiety. Rinna claims to be a “work in progress,” and she even yells out, “put me f*cking on pause — I don’t care.” A post Rinna made about fighting with the ladies said, “if I fight with Garcelle, I am racist.” Garcelle calls some of Rinna’s behavior a microaggression, and to that, Crystal nods.

Crystal says the “impact” of the situation with Sutton was how she felt, and she tells Kyle she has to stop when she butts in. Crystal reminds Kyle it’s not about how SHE experiences, and that Crystal’s truth is something she will only understand. Crystal calls Kyle out and says, “You only said you understand it cuz Kyle didn’t want to get in trouble.” Dorit makes it clear that no one on the sofa is racist, and to that, Andy announces a break and that… Kathy is in the building.

Kyle is less than thrilled that Kathy will be sitting next to her, and Rinna paces around talking to no one, saying that all she has to do is tell the truth. “The truth is the truth. That’s all we’re doing — just telling the truth.” Riiight.