RHOSLC Recap: Heather Feuds With Whitney for Defending Lisa, Plus Jen Confronts Angie H. for Creating a Finsta as Angie Denies Allegation

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RHOSLC Recap: Jen Calls Heather the "Worst F*cking Friend" and Heather Tells Lisa She Has No Friends; Plus, Will Bad Weather Ever Be Again?

This episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is messy and all over the place, which is pretty on-brand for the group leading the charge. There’s enough drama swirling around to make your head spin, and when you mix that with rumors, lies, and the desire to be on TV, it’s the perfect storm…

Heather’s choir auditions are about to get underway, and for once, Jen is stunned into silence. She cannot believe that Heather invited Angie H. there after the conversation she had with Heather regarding Shahxposed. When friends of friends begin jumping into the drama, things spiral. Angie K. is confronting Angie H., and she is angry. Angie H. is insisting that she never knew what her husband, Chris, was doing, and they all call BS on that.

Whitney is appalled to hear that Angie’s husband created a Finsta, and she only NOW feels silly matching Angie H. in her gold fringe flapper dress and top hat. Angie continues to swear her innocence and puts all the blame on her husband. Jen gets involved and is aghast. Angie “conveniently” didn’t know her husband created a Finsta, and Jen is demanding Angie take some accountability.

Jen yells that when “you get married to someone, they are your other half,” which just allows Angie to walk into her next jab. Angie wonders if Coach should start taking the blame for what Jen is accused of, and this makes Jen go OFF. Jen claims that Chris only apologized because he got caught. When Heather gets called out of auditions to try and de-escalate the situation, she can hardly believe it. In her eyes, Angie and Chris already apologized to Jen about Shahxposed, so therefore, Jen should move on. According to Heather, “Jen Shah is in a washing machine of turmoil,” and it’s not because “she is getting trolled by Chris Harrington.” Ouch.

Lisa rolls up for the audition ready to belt her way back into Heather’s heart. Lisa says she is there to support Heather, and Heather is baffled that Lisa is showing up after their recent issues. After, Lisa follows Jen to try and help her gain some composure around Angie.

Meanwhile, the dynamic duo of Whitney and Angie begin spin-dancing their way through the world’s cringiest audition (omg, these are GROWN WOMEN!) while Jen is wigging out. She tells Lisa that Heather is the “worst f*cking friend” and calls Angie’s husband “a fat, f*cking elf on the shelf.”

Post auditions, the ladies sit around, and Angie literally sits in Heather’s lap. Talk about sending a message to the group… Jen tries once again to explain why she was so upset about Shahxposed and states that she was very triggered because Shah is her last name. Lisa sits on silently in awe. She, too, wants an apology from Angie. After all, Shahxposed was truly created to bash Lisa…

Jen moves on from Angie to Heather and begins ripping her apart. Lisa cannot stand to hear another word and begins to remove herself from the situation. Angie scoffs at Lisa wanting an apology and claims that Lisa bullies everyone online, hinting at her recent tweets. Lisa attempts to explain how Heather used her father’s death to make her look bad, and so Lisa was simply trying to show she was not a liar.

Heather retorts to Lisa, “The truth is you have no friends left.” In a very elementary moment, Lisa demands the women raise their hands if they are not her friends. Heather and Angie are the only ones who raise a hand. Heather does so because she is sick of Lisa trying to clear her own name.

Why the husband-and-wife sensual scenes with Meredith and Seth? Haven’t they learned from Justin and Whitney? Guess Seth doesn’t love his job… Meredith explains the Finsta drama to Seth, who looks like he would rather have his taint “toed” instead of following this crazy lady drama. Meredith believes that Heather is not in a great position being stuck between new friends, but she isn’t sure how it will end.

Heather and her business partner visit the construction site of their second location of Beauty Lab. They don their hard hats and vests and begin touring the future home. Heather calls it “intimidating,” but she is excited about what’s to come. Heather claims that she is not trying to have a conflict with the group since she has so many other, bigger things to focus on, like the future of her business. Riiiiight.

This is a date night I can stand behind — a normal husband and wife dinner with John and Lisa. Lisa chats about her sisters and their divorces. And we are reminded that John is a divorcee. He explains that Lisa being there for her sisters’ divorces takes a toll on the relationships in their household. Lisa wants to get back to herself and states that she hasn’t been as solid in her relationship with God. She says, and I quote, “I’m very important to God, and like, very connected.”

Jen sits down for some tea with Coach. When Jen mentions that Angie H. was there, Coach’s eyebrows go up. He gets mad and talks about a grown man stooping low by making character assassination attempts. He wishes that Chris makes a public apology and that he keeps it up for the same amount of time the account stayed up.  Boom. When Coach hears that Heather wanted Jen to simply forgive and move on, he looks confused and angry. Jen explains that Heather sent flowers to say she was sorry, which is weird.

Whitney and Lisa bring their sons to the park for a hang-out day. Are there cows flying? Whitney explains that she “sees and understands” Lisa nowadays. While the kids scoot around, the ladies plop down with some tamales and talk about Mr. Mom, Daddy Daycare, and Daddy Carpool — aka, Whitney’s recently fired husband. Whitney calls herself the sole provider of the family, and they talk about how they cannot carry around heavy feelings.

Lisa talks about wanting a better relationship with God, and she explains that she isn’t feeling like herself. She blames a lot of it on Heather. Lisa is bothered by Heather using her dad’s death to bring Lisa down and demands better friendships. She believes that Heather has zero accountability and that she creates narratives. If a person doesn’t follow Heather’s lead, she cuts them off.

Whitney also talks about her uncomfortable gray area with Heather, and she is trying NOT to be a people pleaser lately. The space Whitney is feeling from Heather is new to her and she is not liking it at all.

Once again, here is Heather, “overwhelmed by friends, life…” She has decided Bad Weather needs to get back together so she invites Whitney over. Whitney reminds Heather that they are friends, but she also wonders why she is chasing Heather down. Whitney repeats that she was abused as a child, Justin was fired, and that Heather never called. Whitney talks about the disconnect and believes that Heather did not understand where Whitney was in her life.

Heather claims to be confused since she felt as though Whitney came to support her at the auditions. She calls Whitney the hero, and now she feels like an as**ole because she didn’t even know about Justin getting fired. Whitney brings up the drama Heather is having with Lisa and insinuates that she is not hearing Lisa’s side of it. Heather believes that Lisa is a liar. Heather shares that she, too, has feelings and that she feels exploited by Whitney. She states, “I’m in trouble for a rumor I never heard,” and she is in trouble for not knowing about big issues in Whitney’s life that were never told to her directly.

Heather cannot believe that Whitney wants to talk it out and “represent Lisa.” She finds it “deeply offensive.” She doesn’t like being schooled by Whitney on Lisa’s “rights to tweet,” but Whitney isn’t stopping. When Heather has too much, she pushes Whitney out of the way and essentially kicks her out of the house. All we need is a “goodbye, Kyle” for dramatic effect. Iconic.