Was Lizzy Savetsky Booted From RHONY Reboot? Here’s What Source is Saying About Rumored Exit

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Was New RHONY Castmate Lizzy Savetsky Taken off Reboot? Wellness Influencer Emily Gellis Lande Seems to Confirm Rumor, Talks “Extreme Views” and Hints at What Happened

When Andy Cohen announced the splitting of Real Housewives of New York into two different shows, many fans were confused. The ‘old’ version, with familiar faces, will be moved to Peacock, and it will be known as RHONY: Legacy.

A separate reboot of the show has an entirely new cast, which was presented at this year’s BravoCon. However, as it now appears, one of the new stars may already be on the outs.

According to a report from @bravobygays on Instagram, cast member Lizzy Savetsky is rumored to be off the show.

The account indicated that nothing is yet confirmed, but “all roads lead to her being done.”

Per Page Six, Lizzy is a social media influencer with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and she posts often about her Jewish faith and traditions.

As the rumor circulated, wellness influencer Emily Gellis Lande seemed to confirm it was true.

“Yes, you’re all correct. I’m not gonna say it here, I know what happens because New York is a small place,” said Emily in a video she posted on Instagram, which was shared by @LoveAndyC on Twitter.

“This person has, I feel like, been down this road before. I don’t know why they’re like waiting to like say it or not say it,” she went on, assumedly addressing Lizzy.

She then hinted at what led to the exit. “I’ve heard they’re gonna be in the beginning and then phased out. I heard what happens. [I’m] zero percent surprised. Lines up one hundred percent with this… persona.”

Emily added, “It’s really hard to be on television, I think, if you have… extreme views, and you don’t want to hear other people’s point of view… I feel like the same thing happens in another state when a show was canceled.”

Emily denied a rumor that she herself was filming for the show. “I am not [involved]. I just know what happened with the reboot.”

“Nothing stays a secret long on the Upper East Side. Let’s just say that… News travels really quick. Especially from Upper East Side moms,” she explained. “They love to talk.”