Andy Cohen Seemingly Defies CNN’s Wish to “Sober Up” NYE Coverage After Controversial 2021 Rant

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Andy Cohen Seemingly Defies CNN’s Wish to “Sober Up” NYE Coverage After Controversial 2021 Rant, Promises to “Party Harder” Than Ever Before

Credit: Bravo

During CNN’s controversial 2021 New Year’s Eve coverageAndy Cohen trashed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, called him horrible, and suggested he had the crappiest term in history. He also told him, “Sayonara, sucka!”

The Watch What Happens Live host then targeted competing network ABC and performers they hired for their own coverage. According to Andy, the musical performers were “losers.”

“If you’ve been watching ABC tonight, you’ve seen nothing,” he said, and he shared the next day that he’d been over-served.

Now, as CNN prepares to launch NYE coverage for 2022 (again with co-hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy), the network hinted at plans to sober up the boozy segment.

CNN’s new chief, Chris Licht, recently expressed, via Variety, that the on-screen drinking “eroded the credibility of CNN personnel and damaged the ‘respectability’ they may enjoy among viewers.”

Then, on an episode of WWHL, Andy addressed the Variety article.

“Tonight’s jackhole goes to this Variety headline from today. It was, ‘CNN plans to sober up boozy New Year’s Eve coverage.'”

As the audience booed, Andy continued, “The article does point out that Anderson and I are still allowed to drink. So we can all say this to my sobriety…” He then showed the 2021 clip of him yelling, “Sayonara!”

He added, “I just want you to know, Anderson and I are going to,” his voice then reached a yell, as he stood up from his chair, “party harder than we have ever partied before on New Year’s Eve! Do you understand me!?”

Many viewers will surely tune in as the ball drops, hoping for another Andy rant. Who might he target next?