RHOP Recap: Mia Throws Drink at Wendy’s Face Amid Argument and Wendy Calls Out Robyn and Gizelle for Hypocrisy

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RHOP Recap: Mia throws a drink in Wendy's face over a disagreement and Wendy calls Mia a Crater face Plus Mia wants to go home over the conflict

The title of this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac is “Beef is Served.” Will the ladies be able to digest the carne asada that will be served, or will they become vegetarians? Let us watch and see!

We are back from our to-be-continued with Mia sharing that she and Peter are close friends, and he mentions having a beef with the Nigerian queen Wendy. Mia met Peter 10 years ago and considers him to be part of their family. Gordon and Peter are also friends too — so basically two peas in a horny pod. Mia wants to find out why Peter has a beef, and she assumes it has to do with business since that is the only thing that would upset Peter.

Ashley shares with Gizelle and Robyn that she is getting messages from other men. She also had her offer accepted for the house that she had wanted. Ashley is going to withdraw the offer because she needs to move in sooner than the tenants can vacate. Michael has since changed his amicable tune and has become difficult. Robyn thinks Michael thought she was bluffing when Ashley wanted a divorce. LOL, Gizelle and Robyn must listen to the toilet flushing throughout the house, and I find it amusing that they have to listen to the removal of waste!

Wendy, with her crackling nipples, calls Candiace and tells her that they must share a twin bed. She does not have a twin bed — it’s more like a full/double to be precise, Dr. Wendy. Mia is bitching about sharing everything with Jacqueline, and that might be the crackling of their friendship that Wendy is hearing! They have an extremely dysfunctional friendship that borders on open hostility. Mia reminds Jacqueline that she has even used the razor that Gordon shaves his balls with. Charrisse is still trying to find a hotel with her agent Priceline, and Mia tries to get her to reconsider staying.

Wendy wants to celebrate Karen and her birthday. They chat about her lack of a friendship with Charrisse. Karen is not feeling the need to rekindle their friendship. She will only agree to take a stroll through a Starbucks with coffee in hand, but she will not sit down to lunch.

Mia shares that they will be going to Peter’s bar. She tells Gizelle and Ashley that Peter has beef with Wendy. Gizelle shares that Wendy has been hitting him up for an open door to the restaurant business. Production then gives us a clip that transpires two hours later… we have the scrap between Mia and Wendy with water being flung in Wendy’s face!

The ladies are ready for a night on the town, and I must comment on some of the fashion choices of these ladies. I was born in Miami and am familiar with the South Beach style of dressing. Mia then gives the line we were shown in the promo, “Does a frog have a watertight asshole,” which shows how gross she really is. Wendy is wearing a satin shorts outfit, which is a terrible choice for Miami’s humidity. Ashley clearly got the memo and is dressed for the SoBe clubs. Gizelle and Robyn look like they should be going to a Sunday brunch on the beach, not to a nightclub.

While in the car, Mia is imitating Charrisse being resentful of her accommodations. Robyn decides to share that she has made an incredible revelation from her podcast investigation on pooping in front of your significant other. She has found that some women will not poop in front of their husbands. Robyn proudly announces that she poops in front of Juan, AND she walks naked in front of her teenage boys. No wonder she and Juan are having trouble — he sees her as one of his friends, not his wife!

Wendy finds it to be a suspicious coincidence that they are meeting at Peter’s club. Mia tells the ladies that she is like family to Peter. Ashley discusses Candiace having a chip on her shoulder, and she seems to forget how she went for Chris. She attributes it to Candiace not liking a mirror held to her face.

The game of telephone is ridiculous, talking about how Chris allegedly grabbed Ashley’s friend’s booty. Ashley reminds Gizelle she never suggested this, and we find out that the story that had been told was exaggerated and purposefully made to be more inflammatory. Gizelle comments on the good interaction between Karen and Charrisse at the airport. She clearly does not know how to read a room since our Grande Dame can barely hide her contempt for ‘C-double r- doubles!’

Charrisse has invited Karen to lunch to find out what their issue is. She believes that Karen is afraid to have a sit down since she knows all of Karen’s secrets. IMO, Charrisse is trying to grab onto Karen’s coattails, and Karen is smacking her hands away. Karen says Charrisse has not been calling her phone in five years, and she wants to understand the current interest. Gizelle thinks Karen is a mess since she can recognize the signs and will not tell Charrisse what their problem is.

Peter joins the ladies and greets everyone graciously. Wendy comments about the Nigerian shrimp on the menu like she may have given him the idea. Ashley does not see a peeved Peter as Mia had alluded to. Mia and Charrisse confront Peter on what his beef is with Wendy. Peter shares that she never responded to the contract that he sent her for their restaurant idea. Peter feels slighted since she came to his city and still has not responded to his contract. Mia thinks that Peter should do business with Charrisse instead of Wendy since she has checks that will not bounce. Mia shades Wendy as a candle-making professor without any coin.

Jacqueline discusses her friendship with Mia and their strong personalities. She claims to be Mia’s only friend who stands by her. Mia joins the group and tells them that Peter has beef with Wendy. She is licking her overinflated lips savoring being able to tell Wendy this. We then get an ominous scene with harsh weather and an alligator that is hovering above the surface. Is production alluding that there is a predator in the group who is getting ready to strike?

In her ITM, Wendy gets asked by the producer about the status of the contract with Peter. She shows that they are requesting a site visit after reviewing his contract. Wendy tells Mia that if Peter has a problem with her, he needs to contact her husband since she does not have beef with men. Mia then produces a retort, “there is no family in business,” which is hypocritical since her joint business is shared with her husband Gordon.

Mia then throws water at Wendy, and production security must intervene. It becomes another embarrassing display at the table with these two shouting insults at each other and behaving like thugs. Robyn thinks she is filming for TMZ, and she pulls out her phone to record it acting like she is at a UFC fight. Karen had to do a Matrix move to avoid the water being tossed across her.

Mia and Jacqueline then leave the table with Wendy calling Mia a crater-faced b*tch. Wendy did make a very astute observation of Mia. Mia then calls Gordon and wants him to book her a flight to go home. She tells Gordon that Wendy accuses him/her of f*cking other women and men. Mia has had her nails broken during this altercation. She admits she lost her sh*t and allowed Wendy to win by reacting.

Mia then comes back since she is the host, and Karen tells her she should have not thrown a drink. Gizelle gets mad at Karen since she thinks she is humping the fence again. Robyn and Karen are clearly siding with Mia and are berating Wendy for instigating Mia. Robyn declares Wendy the winner since she thinks that is all Wendy wanted to hear. She claims to be trying to get Wendy to stop antagonizing her. Wendy storms away from the table and refuses to be around the same group who were against Monique for her physical altercation with Candiace.

We get another to-be-continued and a disclaimer that Johns Hopkins has no affiliation with RHOP!!! This episode has sunk to the lowest level of the swamps of the Everglades! Mia, aka crater face, behaved like a predator/alligator going after Wendy. Gizelle and Robyn behaved like the dynamic duo of Gator Boys who love to film their interactions with vicious predators. We will have to wait until next week when the stormy weather has cleared, and hopefully, there will be no more bloodshed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, Blurbers!