Lizzy Savetsky Talks “Feeling Dark” Amid Controversial RHONY Exit as Jenna Lyons Says “Narrative” of Real Housewives Needs to “Change”

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‘RHONY’ Lizzy Savetsky Talks “Feeling Dark” Amid Controversial Exit as Jenna Lyons Says “Narrative” of Real Housewives Needs to “Change”

Credit: Instagram/Lizzy Savetsky/Jenna Lyons

The Real Housewives of New York newbie Jenna Lyons claims the narrative of Real Housewives needs to change. The show’s former cast – which is moving to Peacock in a spinoff called RHONY: Legacy – was slammed incessantly on social media over their problematic behaviors.

Ramona Singer, who will not appear in either version, was perhaps the most controversial. Her insensitive behavior purportedly triggered the RHONY reboot, which will feature a younger, more diverse group of women.

In an interview with W Magazine, Jenna expressed her desire to avoid the darker drama that has affected different franchises of the show.

“The narrative does need to change,” she explained. “We all signed up to do this, not to repeat what’s been done.”

The newbie star suggested, however, that the cast will still “have moments” – which is assumedly a reference to drama and tension – but added, “I think we’re all looking for something different.”

Meanwhile, one of her costars just exited the show amid a racial controversy with seemingly different versions of events.

When castmate Lizzy Savetsky (a social media influencer who often posts about her Orthodox Jewish faith) announced her abrupt departure, she indicated that antisemitism was the reason. A different insider, however, alleged her husband used a racial slur when retelling a story about the cast, as reported by Page Six.

According to the second report, the slur instigated Bravo’s conversations about Lizzy’s removal from the cast. Amidst the lingering confusion, Lizzy recently shared a post about “feeling dark,” and how she handles it.

“Things that help me when I’m feeling dark,” wrote Lizzy on Instagram. “Prayer- just talking out loud to G-d and asking for strength in the face of things I can’t control … Meditation- pausing to focus on gratitude and open my heart to understand my fellow humans.”

Image credit: @LizzySavetsky/Instagram via Page Six

She then suggested the idea of removing one’s “overwhelming” thoughts by “talking it out.” Another useful tool, said the influencer, is “helping someone else.”

“This is the most effective! Don’t need to overthink this one,” she wrote. “It can be as simple as calling an older relative or being wholly present with my children.”