RHOP Recap: Wendy and Robyn Apologize to Each Other, Ashley Cries After Fight With Michael, Plus Chris Gets Upset After Ray Suggests He Should Apologize to Gizelle

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RHOP Recap: Wendy Apologizes to Robyn, and Ashley Breaks Down Over Split From Michael, Plus Chris Gets Upset After Ray Suggests He Apologizes to Gizelle

The title of this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac is “Cleaning Up the Mess.” The ladies of RHOP have never been messier, so grab all the cleaning products — plus some Pledge for Gizelle’s dusty bush — and let us watch!

Side note: This episode is poorly edited and disjointed, and it appears there are some scenes that we were not given to explain how they have just moved forward. It is a bit of a snooze, so I will fill you in if you fell asleep.

Robyn and Gizelle are doing their Reasonably Shady podcast, and they have been recognized for it. Who is listening to these two bores with their nonsensical drivel??? Robyn shares how Wendy was acting all conciliatory about their differences while they both had been overserved with alcohol in Miami. She has also reached out to Candiace to discuss the sharing of her video. Robyn seems to be more concerned about rectifying this relationship than with Dr. Wendy.

Candiace and Chris are planning for her MBA graduation celebration, and kudos to her from another MBA grad! She is inviting Karen to her party, and she has some crow to eat since a producer clued her into the fact that she did actually say on camera that Karen was running the streets. Candiace then shares that her period is late, and Chris seems excited. (Doesn’t he have like three kids already?) She also seems excited about the possibility of being pregnant.

Karen has her assistant Matt come over to plan a live family variety show. She wants to call it an Evening with the Grande Dame. Matt is coming up with all these ideas, and Karen looks intrigued. He is feeding into Karen’s ego, so no wonder she keeps him around. Karen already is projecting that there might be an issue with her live show since the bandits are planning the same thing. These ladies love to have competing products/services.

Wendy gets picked up by Eddie after traveling to Chicago. She seems to have a pronunciation issue with Chicago, calling it Chick-ago. Wendy, who looks pleased as punch, shares that she was the keynote speaker at a very important event, and hopefully, she did not pronounce it that way in her speech! Wendy is thrilled to be home finally, and she has her kidney stone issue that needs to get taken care of. Side note: In the mid-season trailer, it shows Wendy and her mom in a scene that makes it appear to be a life-or-death procedure. My other half just had it done and it was no big deal.

Robyn and Candiace get together, and there seems to be some sadness on Robyn’s part. Candiace asks about her stylist friend, who just tragically lost her family members due to a car accident. Robyn recognizes that life is too short, and she wants to make amends with Candiace. She sees Candiace as her little sister, and this is the most vulnerable I have ever seen Robyn. Candiace wished that Robyn had come directly to her instead of sharing the video with the group. Robyn wants her to be more specific when she trash talks — and leave her the hell out of it.

Mia and Gordon are having a grand opening celebration for her new Joint location. She wants to bring affordable chiropractic care to DC, and I just cannot with this one and her faux grandiosity. Mia cannot explain to the producer about the financing when pressed. She mentions the deal fell through, but she is reluctant to share details — or more likely does not know them. Karen and Jacqueline arrive to show some support and to earn a check for filming.

Ashley visits Uncle Lump and her aunt to chat. She mentions how she and Michael got into an argument over their kids. Ashley is terrified of being on her own, and she breaks down. She needs to be more worried about Dean having to witness the discord between his parents. Uncle Lump clearly cannot understand why she has not fully separated herself from Michael, aka Slender Man. He looks like he is constipated from the lump in his stomach after having to hold it in while Ashley extricates herself from her waste product of a husband.

Candiace picks up her mom Dorothy at the airport. She learns how to not let her get under her skin. Production graces us with former scenes showing how Candiace has been groomed since birth to verbally eviscerate others. Candiace tells her mom that her period is late, and Dorothy looks somewhat pleased about this news — for now.

Gizelle is having Angel and Adore’s sweet 16 birthday party. The twins were eight pounds each, and that just made my nether regions cramp up in pain! We now must be subjected to Pastor Holy Whore Jamal, who has made an appearance to celebrate their girls. Hopefully, he has not bought them another restaurant! Ashley, Charrisse, and Robyn come to celebrate the momentous occasion. Gizelle has raised lovely young women, and she deserves all the credit for that IMO. See, I can compliment Gizelle when she deserves it! Jamal is just happy that his girls have not been to jail — talk about low expectations.

Back at the Bassett residence, Mama Dorothy spots a slithering snake in the backyard tent. Dorothy questions Candiace about it and thought Gizelle was creeping into their party. Karen and Ray arrive at Candiace’s celebration, and I wish we could have seen how they were able to get past what happened in Miami. Dr. Wendy with her four degrees is happy for two-degree Candiace. Candiace now shares that she is not pregnant, so she will have to continue her IVF journey.

Karen then asks Robyn, “When is the wedding?” Robyn is planning an intimate wedding with just her immediate family of four. Karen finds it to be suspect that she is now having an intimate wedding with no guests. Let’s be reasonably shady here — this wedding is never going to happen since Juan is not going to allow an infidelity clause in their prenup and will not give up his blonde bimbo. Face it, Robyn. Juan is just not that into you, but there are others he prefers to get into…

Wendy approached Robyn to discuss their conversation about reconciliation. She believes their drunk minds were able to speak their sober thoughts. Wendy blathers on about missing their friendship, but Robyn questions why she is more comfortable having this chat when no one is around for it. She thinks that when she is within the group, Wendy is always on her pulpit trying to win a debate. Production then treats us with the comment that obviously is behind Robyn’s disdain for Wendy when she told her that her relationship is not worth caring about.

Wendy pretends like she needed liquid courage and a producer prodding her in the back to realize she will be pushed out of this show if she does not reconcile with some of these ladies. She still pushes Robyn to apologize for her part in the fight, which Robyn reluctantly does. Wendy jumps on Robyn to give her the fakest hug, and you can see Robyn is disgusted by her touch.

Candiace, who is on her own reconciliation journey, is letting Karen know that she was being messy. She can see Karen thought they were making progress, and this set them way back. Candiace attributes it to demons who influence her. She is intimating that Ashley is that demon who turned her to the dark side.

Ray and Chris chat about what has transpired with Gizelle. He tells Chris to talk to Gizelle and tell her that he apologizes if he did anything to make her uncomfortable. Chris feels that doing this is admitting to something he did wrong and is standing by the fact that he is innocent of any wrongdoing. He goes back to the porch to stew over what he is being asked to do by Ray. Candiace is inside thanking everyone for their support while she got her MBA, but she somehow misses her husband is not in the room…

Next week, Jacqueline and Mia’s relationship starts to implode. Have a wonderful week, and see you next week to observe the aftermath.