Caroline Manzo Claps Back at “Fool” Teresa Giudice’s Shade, Says She Could Never Call IRS on RHONJ Star

by Josh Ramsey
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RHONJ Alum Caroline Manzo Calls Teresa Giudice a “Fool” as She Slams the Star for Continuing to Talk About Her, Plus Claims She Was Teresa’s “Biggest Champion” For Years

The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG Caroline Manzo left behind her drama with former friend and co-star Teresa Giudice a long time ago, and she has no plans to rehash it.

In a recent interview with Jeff Lewis on his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, Caroline explained that she was Teresa’s best friend and ride-or-die confidante. But after Teresa insinuated that Caroline was one of the people who reported her and ex-husband Joe Giudice to the IRS, leading to their subsequent convictions and jail sentences for bankruptcy fraud and tax evasion, she was done with the table-flipper.

“Why is she always talking about me? I ain’t talking about you… You’re on the show. I’m not,” Caroline told the Flipping Out star. Teresa previously made her feelings very clear about a potential return for Caroline in a different interview, claiming Caroline uses her for attention and cattily saying, “Oh my God. It doesn’t even go. She doesn’t even go with us.” How very Mean Girls.

Caroline continued on with the interview, staunchly denying any involvement in Teresa’s past legal woes.

“You’re talking about me calling the IRS, shut up! Stop it. You look ridiculous. You sound like a fool,” she continued.

During the interview clip, obtained by @allabouttrh, Caroline said that the reason Teresa continues to talk about her is because she has the RHONJ “platform,” and Caroline, who no longer appears on the show, says she won’t “throw stones at [Teresa]” because she’s above Teresa’s petty behavior.

“First of all, I could NEVER do that,” Carolina said of Teresa’s IRS accusations, and she insisted that she was once Teresa’s “biggest champion.”

“I used to hold her hand when she was doing press conferences and answer for her,” Caroline revealed. “She would call me for hours and [ask], ‘What do I say?’”

According to Caroline, their friendship slowly began to change, and Teresa began coming at her with “nonsense.” Caroline then cut off communication with her long-time friend both in person and on social media.

“I’m not going to answer you on social media, because that is beneath me. I’m not thirsty,” Caroline claimed.

The Manzo matriarch left Teresa with some frank words of warning.

“You want me to come for you? I’ll come correct. The way I’m supposed to, with payment.”