RHOSLC Recap: Jen Shah Reveals She Attempted Suicide as Heather and Lisa Address “Toxic” Friendships With Jen, Plus Whitney Accuses Heather of Gaslighting Her

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RHOSLC Recap: Jen Shares She Attempted Suicide; Jen's "Terrifying and Toxic" Friendships are Questioned; Plus, Whitney Claims Heather is Gaslighting Her

It’s what we have all been waiting for ever since seeing the previews for the season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. We FINALLY get a glimpse at Heather‘s black eye, but we are gonna have to wait until next week to find out what really caused the damage. This is a messy episode, and it is evident that this group just fights about the same thing… in different costumes.

It’s the morning after the dinner from hell. Lisa states, “My workout was running my mouth last night,” and she calls out Jen to Angie K. and Whitney. Lisa is over getting treated like garbage by Jen. She knows that she has always been there for Jen, so she cannot fathom why she is on Jen’s sh*t list as of late. Jen’s behavior is unacceptable, and Angie chimes in to say Jen claims to not remember things, much like Heather does.

Whitney talks about her friendship break with Heather and states that Heather has not even noticed Whitney’s cold shoulder. Whitney is annoyed that Heather tried to drag her into the Angie Harrington mess last night, but the girls hope that today’s beach excursion will be a good diversion from the drama.

Over breakfast, Heather is trying to piece together what the hell actually happened last night. Lisa reminds Heather that there is a lot of flip-flopping on Jen’s part, and she believes that Jen is not honest about how she is really feeling. Heather doesn’t want to abandon Jen, but her behavior is getting more destructive by the day. Heather claims she did not even want to come on the trip because of it. Plus, things have been weird with Whitney. Heather wants to have a sit down with Jen to essentially break up with her based on the anger and violence from past issues.

Jen greets Angie with open arms, and they appear to be all made up. Angie is pleased that Jen “acknowledged” her loyalty to Jen, and although Angie is ready to restart their friendship, she will be more careful around Jen.

Although not “Turks and Queso” (according to Lisa), a beach day in San Diego should be fun. The ladies roll up for a day full of picnics and games. The first game is a sandcastle contest. The women break into two teams and start potato sack racing and playing bubble soccer.  Although entertaining, it is odd seeing these girls get together after nearly ripping each other’s heads off.

Next on the action-packed itinerary is surfing. Whitney, Danna, and Angie hop on the boards while Meredith supports them… while on her phone… sitting on the beach. In the meantime, Jen, Lisa, and Heather are out to lunch. Heather is hoping to use this as a time to talk sternly with Jen about her behavior.

Lisa explains to Jen that yesterday was rough, especially while on the boat. Jen apologizes to Lisa, and Lisa states that she is sensitive when it comes to Jen.  She further explains that it is hard because the friendship feels a little one-sided. Heather jumps in and questions the ultimatum about Angie H. that Jen gave her last night. She asks Jen if she thinks their relationship is toxic and Jen adamantly says yes.

Jen feels like Heather flip-flops and does not hold Angie H. accountable for her actions. Heather questions what this “ride or die” friendship really means, and Lisa tries to explain the ugly friendship cycle with Jen.  Jen denies being “terrifying and toxic” and claims that Heather’s actions don’t align with what she says.

Now that Jen is getting her feet put to the fire, she is trying to deflect. Jen drops a bombshell that she almost committed suicide because of Angie. Jen explains that when she found out about ShahXposed, she claimed she was “done” and locked herself in the bathroom. Coach took Jen to the hospital, where she stayed for two and a half days.

Jen then storms away from the table. Heather and Lisa decide to be a “united front,” but they also continue to recognize Jen’s toxic behavior. Heather admits that she went into that lunch ready to “criticize” Jen, but now she wants to support her. She hopes that Jen can rally after the dark afternoon and prepare for the Marilyn Monroe-themed evening ahead.

After surf lessons, Whitney talks about the “awkward” situation between her and Heather. Whitney wants Heather to realize she has hurt her, and she is looking for Heather to take some accountability.

Thank GOD for Whitney bringing the Marilyn Monroe wigs — now the ladies look even more ridiculous as they prance around a public restaurant in downtown San Diego. They make small talk about the afternoon, and the rest of the group finds out about how lunch went with Jen, Lisa, and Heather. Jen shuts it down and eventually spills because Whitney kept “digging.”  She tells the group that Angie’s digging made her attempt suicide, and the table is shocked.

Because Jen didn’t like being put on the spot by Whitney, she calls out Whitney. Jen suggests that she tell Heather how she really feels about her since it appears as though they are all putting their feelings on the table. Jen prods and tells Whitney to tell the feelings in front of the group.

Now it’s game on. Whitney calls Heather out on everything, but Heather just denies it. According to Lisa, “If it doesn’t suit a narrative Jen and Heather want, if you don’t go along with it, you’re the problem.”

Whitney demands that Heather look at her, and she doesn’t appreciate that Heather tries to rope everyone into the conversation. Heather feels like Whitney is crazy, but Whitney is feeling frustrated. Whitney pulls Meredith in to talk about the Lisa rumors and Lisa then jumps in. Lisa says that everyone has f*cked up in this friend group, and Whitney asks that everyone be held accountable for what they are saying.

Jen can simply not hold it in any longer and blurts out that Whitney told HER that she is going to be taking a friend break from Heather. This is news to Heather, and she is shocked. She yells that loyalty is a deal breaker. This whole “ride or die” conversation is getting exhausting. Whitney cannot understand Heather and Jen’s relationship, and she ponders why she doesn’t get the same loyalty from Heather.

Whitney blows up and gets agitated when Heather continues to talk over her. Heather gets p*ssed and lashes out at Lisa, Whitney’s newfound BFF. Heather spits to Lisa, “No one has had more bad stuff to say about you than Whitney Rose.” Interesting because that’s not the issue at hand right now. Things are super messy.

Whitney talks about the boundaries between her and Heather and how her feelings are hurt because Heather doesn’t hear her or listen to her. Whitney explains that she feels “deeply let down by Heather,” and she feels as though Heather is making a mockery of what she is going through. Because Heather is trying to deflect, she ropes Lisa in over and over again. Heather tries to gaslight Whitney, and Whitney calls her out. Heather feels “betrayed” by Whitney and says again that she is a ride or die until she is not… and right now, she is done with Whitney.

After a late night of clubbing and eating pizza, the women roll back home quite wasted, to say the least. Jen is topless (I guess she thinks just go out with a bang?) and running around the house, staying up to party with Heather, Angie K., and Meredith. After a lot of boobs and a lot of dancing, Heather heads to her room, only to be woken up by a knock on her door at 4:50 a.m. And then the cameras go out.

Seven hours later, Heather calls Meredith to her room to show her… THE black eye (and various other arm injuries!!). To be continued…