RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Leaks Angry DMs From Meghan King After Shading Braunwyn’s Finances and Slamming Her as “Fame Wh*re, See Their Fiery Exchanges

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RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Leaks Angry DMs from Meghan King After Shading Braunwyn’s Finances and Slamming Her as “Fame Wh*re Amid Divorce, See Their Fiery Exchanges

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Kelly Dodd is dropping the receipts after a “fight” with Meghan King, her former costar on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Their drama began as Kelly shaded Braunwyn Windham-Burke – another RHOC alum – for reportedly seeking $10,000 a month in alimony from her ex Sean Burke.

According to the report, Braunwyn allegedly can’t support her children, as she only has $2,900. Addressing an article on the subject, Kelly took a swing at Braunwyn’s political views, which are often vocalized by the mother-of-seven on social media.

“You go woke you go broke,” wrote Kelly.

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After reading the post, Meghan wasn’t pleased, so she voiced her displeasure via Instagram DMs, said Kelly on the Wednesday, December 14 episode of “The Rick & Kelly Show.” Alongside her husband, Rick Leventhal, Kelly publicly leaked the messages.

According to the leaked DMs, Meghan first wrote Kelly: “[Your post about Braunwyn] isn’t nice. So many single mothers are struggling financially and gaslit by fathers.” She then suggested Kelly was “perpetuating a negative attitude toward divorced women … As a divorcee, the community doesn’t need someone like you [with] a platform sh**ting on an already archaic and hurtful mindset.”

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Meghan purportedly added, “As a divorced and former single mother, I think you can understand my POV when the [Braunwyn] emotions are removed.”

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Kelly then responded to the costar, “[Braunwyn]’s not an example of a single mother being gaslit by her ex!!!” Next, Kelly addressed Braunwyn’s decision to split her time between California and New York. “She’s a fake wh*re who ran off to NY, leaving her little kids behind for weeks/months at a time while she talked to the NYPost about how many orgasms she was having with her girlfriend.”

“Now that she’s spent all the money [Sean] gave her, she wants more so she doesn’t have to work or face actual reality or her kids?? Maybe talk to Sean about her instead of buying all her bulls**t,” wrote Kelly, who then emphasized her belief that Braunwyn is a “fame wh*re.”

Image credit: The Rick & Kelly Show

Image credit: The Rick & Kelly Show

Meghan cryptically replied that she wasn’t talking about Braunwyn but rather “the cause.”

“What cause?” Kelly clapped back. “My comment was about Braunwyn, and you responded to that comment. I don’t know how anyone could misinterpret my intent there … How does my feelings about Braunwyn have anything to do with it??”

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Meghan then answered that her “cause” was “female divorcees struggling … financially.”

Despite their back-and-forth communication, the stars did not appear to reach any resolution.