Southern Hospitality’s Grace Lilly Shades Austen Kroll as “Dismissive” as Mikel Defends Him, Shares Advice From Kathryn Dennis

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Southern Hospitality's Grace Lilly Shades Austen as "Dismissive," Suggests He Doesn't Support Spinoff as Mikel Defends Him, Shares Advice From Kathryn

Credit: Stephanie Diani/Zack DeZon/Bravo

Grace Lilly, of Leva Bonaparte‘s Southern Charm spinoff, Southern Hospitality, took aim at Austen Kroll during a recent interview.

As she and co-star Mikel Simmons discussed which Southern Charm cast members they’re close to and not close to, Grace said that while the majority of the show’s stars are “really nice,” she had a bad experience with Austen as they chatted about Leva’s show while attending a Halloween party.

“We see them all around,” Grace told Us Weekly on December 15. “They’ve all been really nice. I mean, the only person that’s been a little dismissive is Austen [Kroll], but whatever.”

According to Grace, she could tell that Austen was less-than-thrilled about Southern Hospitality, which is based out of Leva’s Charleston, South Carolina nightclub, Republic, during their conversation in October.

“He just didn’t really care to support it,” Grace alleged. “I don’t find that too cool because I’m a supportive individual.”

As Southern Charm fans may recall, Leva told Us Weekly in November that not all of her co-stars were excited about her new show — at least at first.

“I definitely think that there were, at times, people who maybe were not super thrilled,” she admitted. “[But] they’ve all congratulated me, most of them, I wanna say, to date.”

As for Mikel’s experience with Austen, he claimed the Southern Charm cast member “gave [him] great love for the show.”

“So, thank you so much, Austen,” he stated, confirming friendships with numerous Southern Charm stars, including Venita Aspen, Taylor Ann Green, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and Kathryn Dennis, the latter of whom he met at church six years ago.

“I remember my very first week of filming, and it was very, very hard,” Mikel recalled. “We sat down, and she was just like, ‘I remember how it feels. Remember this is the show, remember that … it’s three hours, four hours of conversation [and] people are seeing five minutes and stuff.’ And she said, ‘Just let your guard down, your wall down, but don’t be afraid of being who you are.’”

In addition to the advice she offered Mike, Kathryn also warned him that filming a reality show can be “a very difficult journey” and questioned him about whether not it’d be worth it.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s worth it,’” Mikel shared.

Southern Hospitality season one airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.